Mobile Home Interior Decorating Ideas

A lot of people dream of quitting their day job, becoming independent and working for themselves. Being your own boss and setting your own pace has its advantages, but it is not suited to everyone. Being self employed is like removing the safety net. You become responsible for your own success (or failure), so you need to have considerable personal discipline. There is no guarantee of an income from week to week, so you need to be a self starter.

If you want to make extra income from home then here are 8 ways you could potentially do it. You would need to thoroughly research the idea you like and maybe develop it to suit your skills or what the market requires.

1. Produce club newsletters

Start a business offering a newsletter publishing service to clubs in your area. Scan photographs and any other items onto your computer and use a good desktop publishing program to achieve a professional looking newsletter.

2. Become a travel broker

Finding the best travel deal cost-wise doesn’t automatically mean that it is going to be the best deal quality-wise. Start a business from home as a travel broker. Work with airlines and accommodation providers to get good quality, discounted travel packages for your clients. Most organizations already allow internet bookings, so make the most of this to secure good seats on planes quickly.

3. Mobile barbecue hire

Start a business providing barbecues for clients to hire. Ensure that each unit has a full canister of gas with it, and that customers are able to operate the barbecue without any difficulty. This could be great for parties, birthdays and any other special events. You could also offer a free delivery and pickup service to customers. Always check safety regulations and any other rules or laws that could affect the successful operation of this type of home-based business.

4. Fishing lures

Use a fly-tying rig to tie flies and sell by the dozen to individuals, bait shops, on the internet, sports and department stores. Design, manufacture and decorate fishing lures especially for waters in your area. Then advertise and expand!

5. Mini pumpkins

A great way to make something a little different for sale to homeowners is to grow mini pumpkins and gourds for their kitchens. These can be really hard to find, so why not start a business supplying home interior decorators and specialty stores with your novel kitchen decorations.

6. Secretarial service

If you have secretarial skills, you could start a business from home that caters for local businesses. Use technology to keep in touch with your employer(s) and offer a range of services to meet their needs.

7. Glass etching

Custom etch (with acid, engraving bit and/or sand-blaster) glassware for individuals to-order and for wholesaling to retail stores. Offer monograms, town or company logo, family crests, art designs and local themes.

8. Hanging plants

Specialize in hanging plants (flowers, ferns, vines) of all sizes and descriptions. Display for sale when in peak condition in attractive pots, with interesting holders and hangers.

I’m sure when you put your mind to it you’ll be able to think of many more ways to make income from home. The important thing is to have a plan and get started.

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Decorative Waterfalls For Home

There are two ways to come up with decorating ideas for any home interior ideas. The first one is to use do brainstorming and come up with unique ideas. Many professionals work this way to come up with excellent decorating ideas for home interiors.

But I am going to show you an easier way to do it. First of all make a list of the entire bedroom decorating accessories you want to use while decorating or redecorating your bedroom. Your list may include the following things

These can be painting, curtains, wallpapers, lighting fixtures, picture frames, area rugs, furniture upholstery, bed sheets, pillow covers, furniture cabinet resurfacing, bedroom furniture, wall hangings, etc.

All these when combined in a selected theme will form the final picture of your bedroom interior decorating. Now what you have to do is right down the options in front of each of the item in the list above. For example…Wall pant – Pink/lemon/sky blue with texture on north wall
Lighting fixtures – Vertical glass with stained glass/aluminum body
Bed sheets – Base color yellow with green inclined squares/ Plain white with red borders

Such kind of exercise of writing down will immediately start the decorating process and you will notice that ideas star coming in your mind like a gushing waterfall. Keep on writing like this for all your items. You can even add/delete items.

Next make combinations of one option per item to organize the design into a theme. For example from the above list you can make a “decorating option 1” list that looks like this.Wall paint – Pink
Lighting fixtures – Aluminum body
Bed sheets – Plain white with red borders

Then look for items available in the market or on the Internet online stores. This will give you an idea of your bedroom-decorating budget. If you find the exact items you have listed in the list, you can go for certain variations depending upon your likes/dislikes.

This was one of the many ways you can use to generate decorating ideas for bedroom fast and it works great. Try it out.

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Unusual Home Decor Accessories

Your home is your sanctuary, and you probably do all that you can to make it the comfortable and stylish place of which you dream. You work hard and you have read hundreds of articles about basic home decorating tips. Those are great, but there are other things that you can do other than choose paint colors and designs, get new furniture, and go shopping for the right accessories. There are some interesting and less common things you can do in your home that you may not find in anyone else’s home. Not only will you love the results, you will have something that you can call your own for years to come.

If you look around online for home decorating tips, you may run across many different paints, colors, and designs. However, there are a few hidden sites that offer you more for your walls. If you have ever been moved by a saying or quote, you may want to turn that inspiration into home design. There are some companies that offer words for your walls. These are typically vinyl and can adhere to any wall. If something moves you, you can see it every day on the wall of your choice. The words are easy to apply and remove, and done in beautiful script in many font sizes.

For the homeowner who wants to be as green as possible, there are some home decorating tips out there for them. There are many great décor items that you can buy for your home and even for your wardrobe if you like. These are made with 100 percent recycled materials, and sometimes those things are cleaned and left in original form. You may find a lamp made out of license plates or other really kooky, but otherwise original items for your décor. These items range from stylist to downright outlandish, so there is something out there for everyone.

While many use antiques to find home décor items that are unusual in current times, you may want to find homemade home items. It use to be hard to find such things unless they were nearby, but that has changed today. You can still find local people who make such things, but you can also find someone that makes them as far as the other side of the globe. These unusual home decorating tips and items can be found online from many different sources and can usually be shipped to your home rather quickly. This is one great way to find items that nobody else you know would ever have in their home.

Other unusual home decorating tips can come from your own mind and your home. Do something different with things that traditionally have just one normal use. Take your old blender, paint it to match your décor, and use it as a flower vase in your foyer. Take your old bedroom dresser and use it to keep all your essentials in your bathroom if you have the space. Your own imagination may come up with some great ideas and some not so great ones, but you don’t know until you try. You may surprise yourself.

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Home Decor Room

Decorative room dividers are wonderful embellishments which have the power to beautify your home just as you have always dreamed. Like all homeowners, you must have tried placing a number of costly furnishings, hoping they will perk up the beauty of your interior. Did they work? Were you able to spellbind the visitors? Was your home looking like no other? Well, if not, you need to check out decorative room dividers as they can do the job for you what no other furnishing could do. Adding a room divider is not less than having an exotic piece of art within your place. Available in endless designs, styles, sizes and colors, these home decor are crafted with perfect finishing yet you will not have to rob the bank to make them a part of your home.

Decorative room dividers are pretty affordable and people of different social status can obtain them easily. You can find high end as well as low end products. They come in traditional as well as modern designs. With regard to materials, you can find them in finest wood, metals, glass and fabric. It allows you to find the perfect piece keeping in view the particular need of your interior. As they are found in three, four and five panels, you can easily select the one which suits you best. However, you should always consider the area where you wish to place it. This will help you to buy the right size of room divider.

Being extremely adaptable and versatile, you can place decorative room dividers in your living room, guestroom or your bedroom. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on your home decor, by spending a nominal amount you will be able to endow your home with the perfect embellishment you have always dream to endow it with.

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Shabby Chic Home Decorating Ideas

Decorating with shabby chic home decor is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to change the look of your home. Many women in particular love this style because of the romantic and charming look and atmosphere it lends to the home.

Antiqued and worn looking furnishings are excellent for decorating in the shabby chic style. Your furniture doesn’t actually need to be antique, and you can achieve the look yourself fairly easily. Coffee and end tables can be painted with white or pastel colors, then lightly sanded to give a distressed look to the furniture. Sand edges more heavily so that they look worn.

Some of the accessories used in shabby chic home decor are chandeliers, candle holders, magazine racks and mirrors. These also have the distressed finish, whether wood, wrought iron or metal. These pieces are very elegant looking and add warmth to the room. A delicately patterned pastel vase filled with flowers adds a wonderful touch to this feminine style.

Fabrics to use when decorating with shabby chic can be just about anything, as long as it is light and airy. For your sofa, checked patterns, solids and florals work equally as well, just make sure to keep the colors in the range of white to pastel. Nubby cream colored throw pillows are a beautiful addition, and lace fabrics are also nice. Window treatments should be light colored as well – using pastel sheers or delicate florals keep the light and airy feeling intact.

Plant stands are another accessory that will add elegance to your decor. There are many distressed finished metal plant stands available, from small to large. A few well placed pots of overflowing greenery is absolutely gorgeous when used in shabby chic decor.

As you can see, the options are endless when it comes to decorating your home in shabby chic. This style is perfect for budget minded people who also want a beautiful, charming place to call their own. Start digging around in your basement or attic, put your mind to work gathering ideas and you will soon be on your way to a home you’re proud to show off to visitors and guests!

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Wrought Iron Home Decor

For centuries, wrought iron has been a preferred material for various forms of decor in the home. Some like it simply for the quiet elegance of the metal, while others enjoy the simplicity. Wrought iron can be extremely versatile, which is quite possibly the overall reason for its popularity. When you are looking for wrought iron home decorations, you should consider the history of its use in the home and determine in what ways you’d like to incorporate the hard metal into your decor.

For the most part, wrought iron has maintained value mainly for wrought iron beds or on the patio in wrought iron outdoor furniture or fencing . Patio furniture has long incorporated wrought iron into the building of bases, and even much yard decor has been formed of wrought iron. Also, in the bedroom, metal bedroom sets have become a dominant material, with wrought iron being the most common choice. In children’s rooms, the metal day bed has become a fixture, especially for young girls who wish to have a feminine style without the gaudy feminine designs of the past. The new feminine minimalist design is clearly present in wrought iron day beds, which don’t incorporate any “girly” colors and are sleek and basic in design.

Aside from these wrought iron creations, even trundle beds for kids have come to use wrought iron as a material. Because trundle beds can’t have large, intricate designs, the small, simple style of wrought iron is one material that can add a little decorum to a trundle bed.

In retrospect, perhaps part of the reason that wrought iron became so popular over time was the abundance of materials and the minimal cost of the product. Unlike wood beds, an iron and metal bed is extremely inexpensive, probably because wrought iron is in plentiful supply. Discount metal beds have become a great choice for individuals and families on a budget who still desire to have a nice, notable pattern of design within the home. Between wrought iron beds and accents, you can create an ultra contemporary design based on the history of wrought iron, using it in places that it would have been used in ages past.

Wrought iron formed feet for the tubs in which people bathed, so mimic the design in your furniture, choosing pieces with wrought iron feet and accents. Frames for mirrors and portraits were just as often formed from wrought iron as from wood, so follow the trend, knowing that the wrought iron frame will last longer anyway. Most of all, use wrought iron in your bedroom, opting for a wrought iron headboard or a whole bed of the material.

Wrought iron has never lost popularity throughout the centuries, and while the design idea seems to pop up more often during brief periods of history, the only real trend is that almost everyone has something made of wrought iron in their home, even if it’s just a set of candle holders. This pattern will continue, with wrought iron always being a safe material to assume others like.

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