Beautiful Wallpaper Design For Home Decor

Nowadays, decorating homes with trendy and attractive wallpapers is quite a common fashion and thanks to eco-friendly wallpapers for home decor, this concept has become quite a rage with all.

With every aspect of our modern lives becoming more and more organic and environment friendly, even home decor items have joined this list to protect the environment from the ill-effects of plastic and other goods. As a result of this growing awareness, eco-friendly wallpapers for home decor have become quite a rage in the market with more and more people opting for it than the normal wallpapers. This is because the ordinary wallpapers have a tendency to leave a mark on the walls of your house and disturb the overall appearance of the walls.

Since wallpapers are usually available in a wide variety of colors, designs, animations and sizes, customers always have a wide range of options available for making their choice. However, when you are planning to buy eco- friendly wallpapers for home decor, always remember to keep certain important things in mind like for instance:

1. Always remember to check the size of the wall before planning to buy a decorative eco-friendly wallpaper and never buy a wallpaper which covers even the edges of your wall as it might cause a problem

2. Try to mix and match the size, color and animation on the eco- friendly wallpapers for home decor as per the color of your walls, ceiling and pattern of the house instead of buying just any other wallpaper of your choice. Try to maintain a similarity in pattern and color in home decor so that your house becomes all the more beautiful.

3. Remember to check the authenticity of the organic product used in making the eco-friendly wallpaper 
These are some of the important things that you should keep in mind while buying a eco- friendly wallpapers for home decor.

Wallpaper Benefits

Eco-friendly wallpapers are extremely easy to clean, maintain and are durable as well. Moreover, they have a polished finish and glaze which stays for long, if proper care is taken. Most importantly, they are not harmful to the environment and have no harmful chemicals used in them, so your kids are also absolutely safe. You can always browse the internet to look for the latest designs, colors and sizes available for these wallpapers and compare the prices of different shops as well.

So, next time you plan to change the interior decor of your house with some exciting and vibrating wallpapers, check out the eco-friendly for home decor and you can feel the difference yourself.

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China Decorations Home

Decorating home shows not only one’s skills and talent but one’s taste as well. There are innumerable minute ways of decorating home but not all have been able to find a place in the mainstream interior decoration. Let us discuss one such minute detail of decorating home.

Let us review the bamboo flooring amongst various other kinds of flooring for a of a house. Flooring is an essential part of interiors as it either makes your house look chic and bigger than it actually is or it may look smaller if you do not use the right material. Bamboo flooring has caught up recently even though it has been in existence since a long time. This concept finds its origin in China and other parts of Asia but is now most widely used in the United States and Europe.

This flooring is eco-friendly as it is reusable and can be recycled. Moreover, it requires minimal maintenance. If something spills it can easily be wiped off as it is moisture resistant. Other hard woods cannot be used again and so ends up getting exhausted unlike the bamboo which is here to stay. Moreover, bamboo grows faster, in three to four years, and so its availability will always be greater than the other types of wood which at an average take almost a hundred years to grow.

It is durable and lasts for a long period of time and so the thinking that this kind of flooring needs to be changed regularly is incorrect. It can sustain the wear and tear which is caused as a result of daily and normal living without much difficulty. It is stronger than other woods even though it may look soft from the outside; it is like a solid rock from the inside which makes it long lasting.

Bamboo can be made into different designs which immediately catch the attention of the eye and also give the home interior decoration a modern and contemporary look by adding warmth and light.

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You have seen the home decorating shows that feature perfectly placed knick knacks and throw blankets folded to within an inch of their life and draped carefully over the back of the sofa. Your first thought: They obviously don’t have toddlers!

The good news is that toddlers and a beautifully decorated home CAN coexist. You will just have to be more careful in your decorating choices to be sure that both home and child are safe. Here are some tips to help you get started on the road to a well decorated, toddler-friendly home.

1. Safety First

While you may want to have crystal pieces resting on your end tables, it’s just not a good idea with toddlers in the house. The first priority must be safety, so no glass or sharp object should be within the reach of curious little hands.

2. Keep it High

Concentrate your decorating efforts in spots that are not affected by the children. For example, choose fabulous prints for the wall or display your grandmother’s china on the top shelves of a tall enclosed cabinet. Also, you can still display your prized crystal pieces on mantles or in cabinets where the little ones can’t reach.

3. Heavy Metal

For decorative items at floor level, consider metal pieces. Metal cannot be chewed, stabbed or otherwise easily destroyed. It can generally be sat on, drooled upon and written on with little – if any – lasting effects. There are wonderful decorative metal items available at many home decorating stores and online retailers. To up the safety factory, choose metal pieces that are fairly heavy. Your toddler will be unable to move the item. This eliminates any potential dangerous misuse of the item, such as heaving it down the stairs at a sibling or family pet.

4. If You Can’t Beat ‘Em…

Kids live in your house, and they aren’t going away! Instead of fighting this fact with your decorating choices, why not make the most of it? Paint one wall (or a portion of one wall) with chalkboard paint. This will allow your little Picasso an area where he can freely practice his art. On the same note, cover your coffee table with butcher block paper. When it’s filled up with colorful drawings, roll out some more! Take some of your kid’s brightest and best artwork and have it professionally framed. You will be surprised at how much these little masterpieces can add to your room in terms of décor. One way to get some art that will work with your room is to give your little guy or gal an array of crayons or markers in colors that will complement your décor. When they are finished, you will have artwork that is a perfect color fit for your room! Also, you can say that you know the artist personally! While perhaps not appropriate in every room, these are great decorating ideas for kid’s rooms and the family room. You may like these ideas so much that you incorporate them in other rooms as well.

5. Be Realistic, and Be Happy

You live in a home, not a museum. Your sofa will, at some point be covered in crumbs and boast a bright red (and totally permanent) Kool-Aid stain. You will find magic marker art on your newly painted walls and your fabulous throw pillows will find their way into many “forts” made with your best sheets. The good news is this: you have a toddler, or more than one. Sadly, they won’t be there forever, and someday – much too soon – you will be free to decorate any way you please. When that time comes, you just might wish you had the option of trading the fine china and crystal for a little more time with a crumb covered toddler!

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Patriotic Decorations For Home

One great way to show off your patriotism and celebrate the best that America stands for is to decorate your home for the weeks surrounding the July 4th holiday. After all, the founding fathers devoted their lives to establishing the country, and it is because of their work that we can proudly stand now under the stars and stripes. Use some of these ideas to add patriotic decor that will make your home a welcoming place to be this summer.

1. Lawn Pinwheels: When the summer breeze drifts across your yard, you can put it to use spinning patriotic lawn pinwheels. With great designs like those with red, white and blue stars and red and white stripes, when they spin, they truly look spectacular. They’re pretty on still days, too, which makes them a great choice.

2. Potted Plants: With red, white and blue flowers planted in ceramic pots painted with patriotic decorations, you’ll turn your summer flowers into a great way to show off your patriotism. Get blue pots with white stars and white pots with red stripes as your base, and add flowers that contrast with the colors on the pots. Use these to lead the way up your front steps or line the edge of your back patio.

3. Wreaths: Putting a patriotic wreath on your front door is a great way to welcome guests and pay tribute to American history. When choosing a wreath, either use a wicker base with red, white, and blue berries, ribbons, or other accents, or choose a more floral design with live or silk flowers as your red, white, and blue. One gorgeous combination is to weave red and white ribbons through as the stripes and use blue flowers or berries as accents.

4. Flags: Even though it may seem a bit obvious, it’s ironic how many people actually forget to use real flags as they put up their patriotic decorations. If you don’t have one, install a flagpole in your front yard or a small angled pole on the siding for your home or garage. If you want something that isn’t quite so permanent, you can get smaller flags to stick in the ground around your yard or your walkways.

Regardless of the type of patriotic decor you choose to use in your decorations this summer, make sure the celebrations go beyond just the decor. If you have kids, help research American history and dramatize key events in gaining independence. You can also extend the patriotic theme into food with berry trifles and other treats that use red, white and blue.

Taking the time to find patriotic decor can remind you to reflect on our countries great history and encourage your neighbors to do the same. By shopping online, Bianca Bowman has been able to find great holiday decor while saving money and time.

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Best Home Christmas Decorations

Christmas holidays are yet to come. People rushing to buy presents for their loved ones can be found everywhere but then most of us never fail to buy Christmas decoration that would give more spirit to our home. Needless to say, simple Christmas decorations can be the most fantastic ones we can have at home. Every one of us loves to shop especially during this yuletide season. But we cannot deny the fact that things are getting more expensive everyday while getting closer to the grandiose event of the year.

We can be smarter than before in terms of buying Christmas decoration. The tag is not important; it’s the material that will instill Christmas spirit at home. When we buy things, we tend to look for the best seller, that’s the innate trait of most individuals. What we have in mind is that when almost everyone wants to buy it, then it’s great. And now, what is the top three best seller Christmas decorations?

The first best seller Christmas decoration is the Christmas tree. Undeniably it can be seen with every turn we do in every store. It is available in various sizes and now the tree has different colors. The available colors are of course green, there is white, and red. Some tree has glittering branches that makes it glow even more, even without the Christmas light.

The second one is the Christmas light. This light will not just add lively colors to our house, but it illuminates the place. Its light is like stars, they keep on dancing and playing with our eyes. Indeed, what a great view to our vision. Some Christmas lights are with music, not just a simple music. But a Christmas songs lullaby that can be played all the time the light is on. Various Christmas songs can be heard on it, and you can choose which lullaby you want to hear more often.

The third one is the Christmas Lantern, a lantern with different shapes, sizes and colors. The most common shape is the star shaped with the light inside. Some people would just buy this one rather than the tree but then most people tend to buy bought, whichever you prefer the most important thing is your wise enough when you spend.

Spending too much money on Christmas season was never a good idea and sometimes this would cause us to be in trouble next year. So be careful when buying things this holiday season.

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Cute Home Decor Ideas

As the thought of the next holiday looms in the future, our choices for holiday decorating ideas grow shorter. There needs to be something new and fresh; something we haven’t tried before. Here are the perfect solutions.

Transform inexpensive everyday items into charming containers for holiday candies. Save everyday items like jelly jars or small paint cans for this project. Or if you like you can use your imagination and go out and buy an item that wouldn’t necessarily be used as a candy jar; like a glass porch globe. Allow your imagination to run wild and use paint, stamps or decorative paper to transform your container. Use etching cream on glass jars to create a frosting effect.

Decorate for your next holiday by creating fun hand towels to spruce up the bathroom. Use fabric paint or markers, iron on decals or ribbons and lace to create your own festive holiday scenes. Another fun holiday decorating idea is to replace everyday pictures with holiday cards or pictures. Simply save old holiday cards or pictures of family members from the previous year. Switch your everyday picture out of the frames with the new holiday ones.

Holiday table decorations don’t have to stop with an interesting centerpiece. Create your own place mats, napkins or napkin rings. Buy plain place mats and cloth napkins. Again, use your fabric markers or paint and your decals or ribbons to create simple, fun decorations not only for parties but for everyday meal times. Improve your centerpieces by decorating plain candles.

Use your imagination and search your local craft supply stores for items that will give those everyday candles a little extra kick during the holidays. By using these simple and easy to do projects for your holiday decorating, you can transform your home into a festive wonderland for any holiday.

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