Home Decor Brown Leather Sofa

If you’re thinking about getting a brown leather sofa for your living room, then you might be joining the many other families who choose brown leather for their homes. Arguably the most popular color for leather sofas, brown is a hit because it is a neutral color that matches so many other colors. People also like brown leather because it is luxurious and rich, as evidenced by the popularity of the chocolate brown leather sofa. But what kind of sofa is best? Which will best match your living room decor, and what brands are worth buying? This article will explore some of the answers to these questions.

Whether you’re getting a 2 seater brown leather sofa or a sectional sofa, a small brown leather sofa or a large one, you have to get the color right. Brown is not just brown- it can be light brown or dark. The dark brown leather sofa is by far the most popular, as it has been around and is a tried and true color. It is the sofa for the study and for traditional looking interiors. Dark brown is more serious looking and more imposing, so it may be good for the formal living room that receives formal guests.

Light brown, on the other hand, is still luxurious, but with a sort of refined elegance that sets it apart from the darker browns. It suits modern interiors very well, as it is less heavy looking. Light browns are earthy and soothing at the same time and may have more in common with cream colors than with the typical brown.

Some of the brands you are likely to come across are Natuzzi, Ashley, and the sofas on offer at Ikea. Ikea has a nice modern brown leather sofa selection, with somewhat minimalist but very accessible designs at relatively affordable prices. Ashely has a huge selection of leather sofas, many of which feature full grain leather. They also offer synthetic leathers that are cheaper, but not the same as the real deal, obviously. Natuzzi is a brand based in Italy, but operations were sourced to China, where quality has reportedly suffered. For all brands, check for reviews on the internet to learn about the specific sofa you are considering. You can learn about quality issues online that can probably only be found online and thus save yourself from buying a shoddy product.

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Home Office Decoration

These days, it’s not unusual for most houses to have a home office. Your home office is just as much in need of nice decor as any other area in your home. In this article, we will look at home office decorating.

Like many who are planning to decorate your home office, your first concern may be money. The office is a functional space, it can be hard to explain spending allot of money on decorating the home office. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend allot of money – a tiny bit of creativity will go far when it comes to decorating your home office.

Another common problem with decorating a home office comes from basic lack of space. Many of us have set up their home office as an afterthought. Home offices can be found crammed into small rooms or even old closets where space is at a premium. while we are redecorating and not remodeling, you will have to work with the space you have. No matter what your home office layout may be, you can decorate it nicely and make it a nice room to unwind and work in comfort.

You can plan out your ideas for decorating your home office ahead of time. Once you have a feel of the style and look you want to create, write down your thoughts on where things should go, colors and other ideas.

On the topic of color, many people report finding that choosing calming colors for their home office makes the work environment more relaxing. In contrast, a bright color choice can bring about energy to the room. Keep this in mind when selecting a color. You may chose a color that is enhances your work experience.

Home offices don’t need much in the way of decoration. After the paint, stenciling can be nice accents on the walls. Wallpaper will also provide a beautiful effect. You can choose to use prints for the walls to enhance them as well.

What furniture for your home office will vary on what you need. Typically, a home office will have a desk and place for computer work. You may also need filing cabinets or other special furniture depending on what type of work you do. Just remember not to cut back on the organizational tools such as filing cabinets and desk space. You will wish to make sure you have enough room to organize your office with enough space to accomidate your office stuff.

For those on a tight budget, you can typically find a good deal on a used desk by looking in your local classifieds. Desks can be very expensive to buy retail, but they do sell inexpensively when you buy them from someone who needs to make room in their house. Another budget stretcher would be to use plastic milk crates as file holders. Milk crates are rugged, easy to find and the exact fit for most files and folders.

Once you have your office complete, it’s time to consider the addition of some personal touches to relax you while you work. Family pictures, a favorite plant or anything else that gives you a sense of peace would go well in your home office. Don’t forget the music! Assuming you like to listen to music while you work, you should remember to equip your home office with a radio or cd player.

Hopefully these tips give you inspiration for decorating your home office. A home office gets allot of use and it’s a good idea to to take the time to make your workspace nice.

For more home decorating ideas, visit Home Decorating styles [http://www.homedecoratingstyles.net]. Also, don’t forget to check out the new tips added this week to Home Decorating Articles [http://www.homedecoratingiq.com]

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Flying Pig Home Decor

Weathervanes have been valued throughout history. They rest admirably atop churches, barns, homes, schools, libraries, court houses, and government buildings. We are all familiar with the ever popular rooster perched handsomely on barn cupolas or the gallant horse adorning the tops of stables across America. The Federal Eagle has been popular since the 1800’s. Artisans have crafted beautiful weathervanes using themes that capture the spirit from antiquity up until today.

In our modern day and age the weathervane is being recognized as décor and functional art. It does not matter if the weathervane sculpture is contemporary, traditional, country, or classic, there is a place for the piece in the world of design. It is still popular to mount weathervanes on cupolas and rooftops but the possibilities for display have introduced weathervane sculpture to a whole new realm of aesthetics. 
Weathervanes can be displayed indoors in a number of different ways. Floor stands are available in basic cast iron or ornamental brass. These display bases are often used to feature a weathervane in living rooms, dens, offices or libraries. The presentation is simply stunning. Indoor wall mounts are an attractive way to showcase the work on a central wall or beam. Tabletop weathervanes are great for desks and tables. They make great gifts too! If you are interested in interior decorating, consider the time honored weathervane in your design.

The options for outdoor display are wonderful. It is possible to mount your weathervane on the deck or on a garden pole. Eave mounts offer the possibility of placing your weathervane on the side of a building. The results are stunning and will capture the attention of your friends and neighbors. 
In addition to a generous variety of mounting options, the weathervane is now available in several finishes. The traditional polished copper is still a favorite but it is not the only choice. Some of the most popular finishes include antique, blue verde, chestnut, and bronze. There is a patina for just about everybody.

Themes and styles are impressive and cover just about every subject. The palette includes locomotives, golfers, dogs, wine, flying pigs, unicorns, fairies, angels, flags, ships, airplanes, birds and even a wine weathervane. Clubs and restaurants are ideal for weathervane art. It is common to see the golfer, the blue heron, the whale, or the eagle displayed in a public setting. Most of the designs are available in sizes that accommodate smaller buildings such as garden houses, gazebos, and decks.

Whether you are an interior decorator, a landscape architect, or a do it your self designer, there is a weathervane that is perfect for your décor.

Will of the Wind carries products celebrating the Spirit of the Wind. From hand-tuned wind chimes to artisan-designed brass and copper weathervanes: from mini kites, to huge Bali Dragons, from rainbow windsocks to fish windsocks, from designer banners to copper spinners, Will of the Wind carries a wide array of beautiful and wonderful products all related to enjoying the captivating Spirit of the Wind.

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