Greek Style Home Decor

Recently, I have to find a house warming gift for some friends but was completely out of good ideas. On a similar occasion they had given me a quaich, a Scottish symbol of eternal friendship, so I felt I needed to get something more than just a card.

My friends are an unusual couple you just can’t pigeonhole. They’re intelligent, witty and true individuals and since they were moving in to a new home, I decided a decorative object would be suitable, but what to choose? My own taste runs to items from the ancient world, such as Roman and Greek sculpture. I spent ages searching for something symbolic, something with a story, but Aphrodite didn’t seem appropriate, an Alexander bust was something I knew they already had and Hippocrates would have been ideal for a doctor, but not somehow for an IT professional and a lawyer. What I wanted was something the same but also, like my friends, completely different.

My eventual choice was a Modigliani bust, an elongated female head sculpture quite different from the classical statues I’d considered and yet exactly the same. Classical and primitive at the same time Modigliani art is clearly influenced by African Masks and Polynesian statues, smooth and rounded while also long and angular, it is the contradiction which makes the statues so memorable.

Modigliani’s story is a tragic one. Born in 1884, his genius for painting was clear from an early age, but his life was dominated by tuberculosis. His mother ensured he had the best teaching, and he was very highly regarded by his art tutor, though he developed his own individual style which has more in common with the angular Art Deco movement yet to come than the curvaceous Art Nouveau still in vogue. Most of all, it is still a style of it’s own, quite individual.

Like many now famous artists Modigliani was relatively unknown in his own life. He produced a huge volume of work, often up to 100 drawings a day, but in many cases he gave these to friends or girlfriends who didn’t keep them. It seems as though he knew his life would be short, and perhaps because of that, he took to drugs and alcohol, to the point where some said his unique style was due entirely to hashish, though this was clearly untrue. He was a follower of Nietzsche and Baudelaire and came to the conclusion that the route to real creativity involved disorder and defiance. At one point in his career he destroyed many of his earlier works declaring them inferior.

As time passed his health grew worse. He was rejected for military service in the First World War and continued to live in Paris, never knowing when the next payment of his allowance would arrive. He was good looking and charming and women liked him, but although he was able to sell a few paintings during his life, he never made any money from them.

He died quite penniless, from meningitis, his sheets stained with oil from a sardine can, the only thing he had left to eat. As always, there was a woman involved. Much younger than Modigliani and on the day he died almost nine months pregnant with their second child. After his death her family took her home and she walked backwards out of a window, killing herself and the unborn baby.

The stories about Modigliani’s life are full of contradiction. Some have tried to say that the woman, Jeanne Hebuterne was just another passing fancy for the artist, but their daughter’s research showed she was an artist in her own right. Her pictures were shown for this first time in an exhibition in 2000.

The sculpture itself is clean and clear, it is a woman. We don’t know who she is meant to be; there is no legend unless we make one. No particular style of decor is required. The Modigliani bust would look good anywhere.

For me, part of the attraction of this item as a gift is the similarity between the artist and my friends. Both witty, brilliant and interesting, a rebel and an individual. There the similarities between them, I hope, will end.

Rob Mabry is a former military journalist, screenwriter, father of five and ecommerce entrepreneur. He owns Balance Bikes 4 Kids, a toddler bike store [] offering a large selection of balance bikes and wood bikes [] that help young children learn to ride a bike by focusing on mastering balance first.

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Home Daycare Decorating Ideas

The growing phase of children is considered as a part in their life, where inquisitiveness is at its peak. However silly it might seem, the children have an inherent tendency to ask questions and feel new things by themselves. It is in the school, pre-nursery or playschool and in the homes that the children pass much of their time during the formative years.

For a lot of kids, the daycare is sometimes more important when the parents are working and there is no one else to look after them in the absence of the parents. In the day care or the play school, the kids play, eat, sleep and do many other things. In a way, the things that the children learn in the daycare, puts an initial impression of many things to come.

Looking at this concept from another viewpoint, the day care could be a place where the small ones can be made to learn many things. And this is what the daycare decor aims at in the preschool stage. When the kids stay in such places for a long time, it is obvious that they should be taught important things that help them grasp more complicated study matters in the later years.

Bedroom designs are good means to help students learn when they are at home. These designs can also be put up as part of the decor in playschools. The designs are made in simple colors with combinations of the softer and the brighter colors together. In such a backdrop, the different images can also be put up in the wall or can be suspended from the ceilings, so that the kids can play with them and enjoy as well as learn to identify different items.

The rooms can be sized up to resemble the sky where moon shapes and stars can be suspended from the ceiling, giving the kids an idea about the sky as well as the galaxy. The walls can be decorated with images of animals and plants to help them see the environment of the jungle and nature.

Though, real life view cannot be replaced, yet the imagery that can be created by putting up 3D jungle decor is sufficient to give an initial idea as to what are animals and trees and the different components of nature and its beauty. Sky can be shown in the backdrop with birds flying, clouds shimmering around and small particles of rain, etc.

These are ideas that are usually found in many playschools and are better than just reading out loud. In recent years, a greater stress on learning methodologies, have been given where audio visual aids are provided. Such daycare decor serve this purpose and at the same time, helps the kids to learn many things first hand. Alphabet learning can also be done by this means by decorating the rooms with the different alphabets where the kids can play. Socializing with other kids also gives them an interactive experience in the decor where they get comfortable quickly and thus learn a lot of things.

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World Map Home Decor

If you are thinking about hanging an old world map up in your home so that you and all of your guests will be able to enjoy its beauty, there are a few things you should consider. There are a lot of great decorations that you can choose from when you are doing interior decorating around your home. You will be able to find a lot of traditional items as well as some unique pieces that you can arrange the way you want to create the look you want to have. Here are a few options for displaying your map in a decorative way around your home.

One great way to display the map is on a world map tapestry that you can easily hang in the room that you are decorating. There are a lot of different sizes available for you to choose from, and depending on where you buy it from, you may even be able to choose a custom size that you would like to have made. The best thing to do is measure the amount of available space you have and then start shopping for the one that you are going to buy and use.

Another great way that you will find is a framed world map that you can hang up on the wall of your home office or any other room that you are going to decorate. You will be able to get not only the classic appeal of the map but also the look of the frame that you select to put it in. This is a decoration that has several great advantages that you will be able to benefit from, so make sure to take the time to choose not only a great looking map but also a great looking frame to put it in.

This is just a couple of ideas for ways that you can display an old world map around your home. If you let your creative juices flow you will be able to think of other ways to display your map as well. Make sure to take a look at the options you have for a world map tapestry and a framed world map so that you will be able to decide which one will look better for the location that you are decorating. You can either use these ideas or come up with ones of your own, but either way you are going to have a nice looking room wherever you decide to hang your map.

Further information is available here on OLD WORLD MAP [] options and a detailed look at buying a WORLD MAP TAPESTRY [].

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Christmas Home Decorating Ideas

With the holiday season coming up we all want to dive into that festive spirit, share the joy of one of the most loved and long-awaited times of the year with our family and friends, and escape the cold in nice cozy homes, cuddling under the warm blanket near the fireplace. And, of course, nothing helps to get into that mood as much as a beautiful home decoration. Especially for families with little kids putting lights and toys onto a big Christmas tree, hanging stockings on a fireplace mantel and making pine garlands along the stairways becomes an entire event of the season.

We all love that, however, those, who’s houses are currently on the market, should choose their seasonal decor very carefully. Moderation is the key here. Potential buyers won’t be able to see the best of the house past excessive Christmas decor. Don’t expect people to visualize how the living room would look without that huge tree. Let them value the newly updated railing or curb appeal of the house. It all will work on you at the end.

Here are some Christmas home decorating ideas for houses on the market:

• Limit an outside decor to a nice wreath on the front door. Anything else, such as inflated figures or Santa statues, will only create clutter on your front yard.

• Restrain from having a Christmas tree this year. It eats up a lot of space (especially in small houses), and you want your rooms to show as open and spacious as possible. Fresh pine limbs in vases could be a nice replacement here. If you still opt for a Christmas tree, choose a small one and put it somewhere, where it doesn’t disturb the flow of the house, for example, in the corner of the room.

• In the dining area replace your regular centerpiece with a themed one. You can add some glitter to it as most of fun happens there, at the holiday table.

• As mentioned above already, skip on stairways decoration and themed wall decor; it also creates unwanted cluttered look and distracts buyer’s attention (unless you want them to be distracted from something).

This Christmas home decorating ideas would create a needed holiday spirit without disturbing home’s appearance while the house is on the market. For more home decorating ideas or tips on how to sell your house fast, please contact Eve Rusakova at Studio 74.

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Pearl Home Decor

The popular saying “Home Sweet Home” is so very true! Wherever we are or go in life, no matter what, we love to return home. Why not return home with a feeling of visiting your stress free oasis? All you need to accomplish this is purchasing the right home décor accessory. Finding the right home décor accessory can really entice up your home!

Maybe all you need is one masterpiece to add to the final touches of your exquisite home décor. You can make your home look enchanting by choosing the best home décor idea to suit your room’s furnishings. A home décor accessory will make an outstanding statement and express your personality! There are many different types of accessories and collections available one of which is the Designer’s Choice Collections. These collections feature superb home décor for every room in your home.

The Swept Away Collection can be added to a foyer to create an appeal of nature. You can demonstrate your appreciation for nature with the ornaments of this collection. The collection consists of a “Tree of Life” mirror, a butterfly Mack tray made out of hand stamped gold leafs, a cylinder vase with meadow pussywillow branches, a large Mother-of-Pearl box, a beautiful decorative headdress made out of hand-cut tins to form spectacular shapes of flowers, birds, and bells, and a marguerite bowl made out of dazzling brass formed in the shape of daisies. These stunning home decor accessories are placed on a mahogany tabletop to complete the Swept Away Collection. If you have an appreciation for nature then make the choice to be swept away with this attractive collection of nature-inspired pieces!

Every home needs an office whether it is for personal or business use. By decorating your home office, you will be more productive, because you will enjoy spending time in it. You will want to decorate your office to appeal to your taste. One way to do this is by adding fine home décor accessories such as lamps, organizers, and desk tools.

A Designer’s Choice Collection for the home office is called “The Sophisticated Office”. This fabulous collection expresses your professionalism by adding style to your office. The collection consists of an elegant antiqued brass lamp; vinyl textured wooden mouse pad, document storage box, notepad holder and three-section letter holder, sterling silver and mother-of-pearl magnifying glass and letter opener. Take the time to appreciate the hard work you have done by adding some exquisite home décor accessories to your office!

These are just a few of the themed Designer’s Choice Collections. You are encouraged to delight yourself by taking the time to define your personal living space. You won’t regret it and you will receive many compliments along the way! Also, you could always purchase a home décor gift for a special occasion or a housewarming gift. These brilliant collections can be a dazzling gift to show your token of appreciation!

When you are ready to add some new touches to your home, I guarantee you will satisfy your urge with the Home Accents and home decor available at And, to compliment your own decorating ideas, you should also consider the great Home Accent Decorating Ideas they regularly offer. Kris Goss is a regular contributor to Home Decor – Decorating Tips and Style Reviews.

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