Collectible Home Decor

The style of home decor that is based on collectibles and antiques has always been popular; it just takes different forms as time passes. Your grandmother may have an awesome collection of silverware, or perhaps, your mother’s pretty French country tablecloths make you feel intrigued. If you think that to start your own collection and even make the collectible home decor is hard, you are absolutely wrong. With three simple steps you will have the desired look of your house; besides, the collectible home decor brings a lot of satisfaction to its designer, and it is definitely fun!

Step One: Pick Something You Like

It could be as simple as pencils or as expensive as Swarovski crystals. Whatever you choose, make sure you like it for what it is and not just a passing fad. Start collecting a few pieces at thrift stores, online sites or on your travels. If you are ready to invest big bucks, you can get a jump start on collectible home decor by purchasing few or more items from a store.

However, true collectors disapprove doing that as they feel it is an easy way out and only dependent on the size of your bank account. Real collections are created over the years and not just on one shopping spree. When each piece tells a story of its own, the whole collection becomes invaluable in the eyes of its owner.

Step Two: Spread the Word

Tell your friends and family about your decision to start a collection to add to your home decor. Specify what you are interested in – that will work as a hint what you would like to get as a gift.

Step Three: Display Your Collectible Home Decor

Depending on the item, get a shelf, display cabinet, table or book to preserve and display your treasure. Depending on its value and breakability factor, you may want to opt for a glass-enclosed lighted cabinet for delicate porcelain or just your coffee table for ‘Frogs around the World’.

When people admire your collectible home decor, make sure you can add curiosity by telling an interesting story about a particular item. Educate yourself about your collectibles – search for information online or in the library. The main thing to remember is to stick to a theme regardless of how wacky it is or seems to others. People have rubber ducky collections in their kid’s bathrooms and Cabbage Patch Doll collections from their childhood. Any thing can become part of your collectible home decor, if you collect it and integrate it in to your home.

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Simple Craft Ideas For Home Decor

Home Decoration is a kind of skill that needs to be adopted from various sources. To get thorough knowledge about home decoration, you can visit your friends or colleagues house; or you can even read magazines or books, or browse the internet, as you will find plethora of ways to decorate your home.

Several decorative items can be found online and offline stores, that not just gives you idea about decorating your home, but also gives you variety of options to decorate your home. Amongst which, you have to choose the best ways to decorate your home.

How to Decorate your Living Room?

Home decoration starts with the living room and ends with the bathroom. First you must think about decorating your living room, as this is the exact place where you your guests sit. So, your first step is to buy attractive furniture, which is a part of home decoration. Thus, look for beautiful designer sofa sets or other furniture that best suits your living room. Also ensure that, sofa as well as chairs are comfy to sit for long hours.

After which, you must think about decorating your tiles with beautiful carpets; and also think about decorating corners of your living room with attractive corner stand, where you can keep beautiful flower vases. Then, it’s a turn to think about wall decoration of your living room with artistic photo frames. Apart from these, you can even get some tiny electronic fountains that should impress your guests when you keep it near to the furniture.

How to Decorate your Bedroom?

Obviously, to decorate your bedroom, you need to get attractive cot, bed with beautiful bedskirts and bedsheets, beautiful curtains for windows, as well as you must get a small table to keep the table lamp, a time piece and watch or jewellery. Even you can get designer dressing table that should bring charm to your bed room.

Along with these wall decor becomes very essential. You can use different kinds of attractive wall stickers or wall papers or use photo frames or any wall craft. Even you can get a small shelf, where you can keep novels or other good books.

How to Decorate Kitchen and Bathroom?

To decorate kitchen and bathroom, you need beautiful colourful cabinets, and attractive wall tiles. Both these rooms must be fresh, and you can use fresh flowers to decorate as well as spread the fragrance all over these rooms.

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Home Decorators Bar Stools

After a rough day at the office, all you want to do is get a drink at your home bar and sink into one of those bar chairs. But a drink isn’t really enough to make you feel better; you need to have some rest for your aching body as well. This is why you need bar stool cushions to help you relax. Getting the right cushions goes a long way in making you feel good. And not just making you feel good but also helps your home look good! Big and fluffy or sleek and stylish, these cushions reflect your personality and decorate your house perfectly.

The kind of bar stool cushions you should get depends on a lot of factors including the size of your bar table, the height of your cushions, the fabric and shape of the cushions and of course, the look and feel of it. While it may sound like an extremely difficult task to get suitable cushions that match all that you are looking for, the truth is that it’s actually very easy. This is because the variety in every department is astounding so whether you want a square cushion or a round one, with a velvet fabric or a polyester blend, with embroidery or with customized slogans, you can get it all.

You should also carefully consider whether you want fixed cushions or detachable ones. While the detachable ones are easy to remove and clean, the fixed bar stool cushions are more comfortable and don’t move around a lot when you try to sit on them. This will also depend on whether you have an indoor bar or an outdoor bar or even if you plan on moving the stools a lot. An outdoor bar cushion will have a lot more to endure like sunlight, rain and so on. So getting a synthetic material is a good idea because it costs much less and requires very little maintenance.

If you want to add a fashionable and stylish feel to your décor, getting these cushions in fabrics like velvet and satin is your best bet. Get different types of bead work done to get a funky and youthful look or go sedate with heavy self color patterns. Check out the type of padding you want along with the fabric because that will have a bearing on the price of the bar stool cushions. A tufted cushion in rayon or other synthetic fibers with foam padding costs around $ 10.If more expensive fabrics like velvet are used, they can cost more than $ 15.

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Diy Indian Home Decor

Home is definitely your favorite place in the whole world. It should be a place that has a cozy welcome feel to it and is a reflection of your personality, interests and tastes. Your home is the place where you can be just you without any pretences.

When it comes to your home decor, you definitely want only the very best. Your home decor should be one that is welcoming, relaxing and also beautiful. Every home is different and is a reflection of the interests, likes and dislikes of the people living in it. How then, do you decide on the decor of your home? If you are starting on your home decor right from scratch, it becomes easy for you to decide on a particular theme and have each room designed and decorated according to the theme.

  • Colors of the home: The colors of your home play an important role in the looks and also the feel it creates. You can decide to use neutral and earthy shades for the living area. A brightly painted wall in the midst of neutral shades is a new trend these days that has found popularity. DIY home decor ideas available on the internet and also interior design magazines can prove to be really helpful while working on your home decor. Whether you decide on paint or wall paper it is best to make an informed choice. Each room will have its own distinct character however, make sure to maintain a harmony throughout the house.
  • Fabric: Fabric is one important material that can lend a lot of character to your home. Whether it is the upholstery of your sofas, curtains, carpets and rugs or the sheets that you decide to use for your bed, it adds a new flavor and feel to the room. With fabrics available in so many different types, colors and designs it truly becomes easy to find the material needed to create your desired effect. Fabrics can also be put together to create beautiful quilts, lovely wall hangings and decorative covers for throw pillows. A little thought on the effect you wish to create can actually create wonders. Dramatic effects can be created with the right use of fabric. Decide on the overall look you wish to create, buy your fabric and work towards achieving the style. For instance, cotton silk fabric have a nice sheen and are available in varied colours too. The fabric can be worked to form beautiful cushion covers and that too well within your budget. It is a good substitute to expensive silk, especially so if your budget is rather tight.
  • Lighting: Lighting is an integral part of your home decor. Choosing the right lighting is extremely important for highlighting the different areas of your home. Lighting should be both functional as well as be practical to be able to create the right ambience. Lighting used should be functional especially in the kitchen and the study areas of the home.
  • Accessories: The little artifacts that are artistically used in the home give it the style desired. You may decide to go in for a particular style and create the ambience as per the theme that you have in mind. For instance, if a traditional Indian home is what you have in mind, then using handmade Indian home decorations are a great idea. From beautiful handmade baskets, figurines, wall hangings depicting traditional Indian art forms, rangolis, paintings by local artists are all just what you need. Using brass lamps and tribal art works too add to the ambience.

The home is your little beautiful space in the world. Go all out and ensure that your home decor creates an ambience that will help you relax and rejuvenate. Home interiors should be chosen carefully and after fair thought to all the different aspects of your home. Going through the various home decor and interior design magazines or even employing the services of a qualified interior decorator is a great way to achieve the desired look and feel for your home.

Vandana Rajesh is a freelance content writer specialising in the field of lifestyle writing. A postgraduate degree in Banking and Finance, food writer and blogger, website content creator, wife and work at home mom, she loves the multiple roles that make life so dynamic and interesting.

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Pink And Green Home Decor

Comforters are the top part of a bedding set. A comforter is usually the thickest blanket on a bed. However, that really depends on personal comfort levels and times of the year.

Some people like their bedroom and bedroom decor to match, which would, of course include the comforter and complete bedding set. However, just because bedding ensemble colors are not the same, this does not mean they do not look good together. Bedding comforters can ether blend in or stand out to give your bed room décor just the right look and feel.

Today’s market provides a wide range of colors and styles of bedding comforters for you to choose from to meet your home decorating and interior design needs. Today’s comforter styles and colors for your bed are not made to just to match your sheets and pillows but also may match your curtains and even the style of your bed, no matter if the bed is made of wood or metal materials. The darker the color of the bed the deeper and brighter the comforter colors should be. For example, pine green or mocha colors look great on darker wood. Red or white bedding comforters looks good on black wood or dark metal beds. Lime green, pink, or white is going to look good on a gold, white metal and light colored wood beds. However, my examples given here will depend on your own personal opinions, taste and decorating ideas.

Bedding comforters can be for any size bed. I am providing a size chart for you – all sizes are given in inches: 
Standard Twin Size: 68″ x 86″

Extra Long Twin Size: 68″ x 90″

Standard Full or Double Sizes: 78″ x 86″ – including 86″ x 86″

Queen Size: 86″ x 86″ including 86″ x 94″

California or Western King Size: 102″ x 86″ including 102″ x 94″

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