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Actually, there are many places where you can find cheap home decor – online stores, thrift and dollar stores, garage sales and flea markets… And now, guess where you can get not only cheap home decor, but find it even free of charge? Nothing comes to mind? What about your own home, where you store dozens of unneeded items? They can become great objects for your home decoration! How? There are only three secrets for achieving the look of luxury home decor without spending a lot of money on it:

  • Pick the right decorative items that perfectly match your specific interior and your needs
  • “Adjust them” if you need it (i.e. decorate them, arrange them with other home decor, etc.)
  • Put them in the right place in your home

How about a park near your home? There, you can pick so many things and transform them into beautiful home decor: pinecones, flowers, leaves, grass, small tree branches. Pick some, bring them home, and add them to your existing home decor. You can arrange them together with candles, dry flowers, or colored stones. You can fill a simple glass jar or bottle with small dry flowers or pinecones and use them as a kitchen or bathroom decor.

Here are some examples of really cheap home decor:

  • Old items with a new look: Rearrange furniture in your rooms so that you can renew your home’s appearance.
  • Bring a garden’s freshness to your home: Find a place in your interior for a flowerpot with a green plant or for a vase with an arrangement of dry flowers and grasses.
  • Change the colors-paint your walls: For a more interesting look you can use different colors for different walls. You can also put wallpaper on only some walls.
  • Refresh your old cabinets: You can either paint them or decorate with adhesive drawer liner. You can also add interesting, decorative cabinet knobs instead of your old ones.
  • Renew your chairs and sofa with new slipcovers: You can find many discounted slipcovers in home décor stores and online. Or, instead of a new slipcover, you can decorate your sofa with some colored cushions or with a decorative throw.
  • Add a touch of color to your home interior: Decorative ceramic accessories such as vases, framed tiles, or ceramic wall clocks will enliven your interior.
  • Don’t forget about wall decal: It’s a quick way to decorate a large space, a kid’s room, or to hide any defects on the wall or a crack on your mirror’s surface.

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Modern Contemporary Home Decor Ideas

Correct lighting makes the difference between a hospital room and a therapist office, so being armed with plenty of good home decor ideas does absolutely nothing if you haven’t considered the all important aspect of lighting. Of course, there are many ways to go about accenting a room and it all comes down to personal taste, but there are certain combinations that can create a variety of different moods. Having a great grasp on lighting can enable even a novice designer to have complete control over atmosphere and mood.

High Ceilings

A room with high ceilings would best benefit from large windows, but sometimes that isn’t an option or isn’t enough. It can be difficult to tie the high and low planes of a room together without the proper lighting, because not much else really suspends from the ceiling like a light fixture. Staggering hanging fixtures, perhaps light and airy textured orbs which seem to be in fashion, can create multiple layers of depth and really help the upper meet the lower areas. Go through interior design magazines for some great home decor ideas.

High ceilings are also the best candidates for chandeliers, which can make a small room look cramped and over-ornamented. In a living room, a chandelier should be very basic and modern, but over a dining table a hanging fixture should be allowed to take on personality. Fire resistant canvas can also be used to create DIY hanging lamps that can be decorated for children’s rooms, where a ceiling may be high to them but not to you.


Workspaces should obviously be well lit, and often look and function best without being obstructive. For this reason, hanging lamps could be utilized with light-focusing covers that make the most out of an open area. Desk lamps are available in so many different styles that they can really bring out personality and added functionality to a smaller and more intimate workspace. Table or floor lamps for reading should be soft but bright enough to comfortably illuminate pages or quiet activities. Plan ahead of time the actual use behind the lighting as it is much more important than the aesthetic qualities. Contemporary is synonymous with functionality so don’t get too tied up with looks.

Lighting Tips and Tricks

Minimalist home decor can benefit from creative lighting. Colorful bulbs can cast a new tint to otherwise neutral furniture immediately changing the ambiance of a room. Spot lighting can bring attention to neglected artwork or sculptural pieces bringing out the most in what you already own. Illuminating decorative niches is a great way to add depth to a small room, installing recessed fixtures does the same on a slightly higher budget.

Why not get the best out of your existing home decor ideas but adding a touch of illumination. The home shouldn’t necessarily be planned around the lighting, but the lighting should definitely accent your home. Complimenting modern design with contemporary light solutions is necessary to create a cohesive environment. It’s amazing how many design problems can arise from the wrong lighting, but how many right choices there really are.

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Home Decor Family Room

Media and private home theater screening rooms are becoming more and more popular with homeowners because of the lower cost of media electronics, greater availability of local companies specialized in the remodeling and renovating of rooms designed specifically for media and home theater use.

The Media Room is where you can put all those video game consoles, computers, DVD players, plasma screen TVs with surround sound and all electronic gadgets find their home in this room. Generally, this room combines games, computers, music and TVs. A Home Theater screening room is often dedicated as a room where the entire family can sit down in comfort dig into some popcorn like the movie theaters and watch movies on a very large wall screen.

In today’s economy with the rising price of tickets just to see a movie combined with the cost of popcorn and drinks are often equal to the cost of a complete meal in any near by restaurant. It makes real sense for homeowners with a family to consider remodeling ideas that include utilizing the garage as a home theater, media room, or just an expanded family space. The one consideration most homeowners openly express are they do not want to sacrifice any of their current living area for home entertainment. This makes the garage the ideal remodeling space to consider for additions to your home.

If the garage already exists and is attached to your home it becomes the prime remodeling candidate for a new media room or home theater family room.

Remodeling your garage into a family media or home theater screening room could well be your dream come true. Remodeling the garage into a usable family room requires the displacement of everything currently in the garage including the car. Do not let this scare you. Look at the garage as an empty space, walls, floor, and open ceiling offer a lot of unused storage space area for the many things you may be now tripping over.

During the planning and design stage some things you might consider based on how finished or unfinished your garage interior space is and if weather conditions are an issue. Within your planning stage, an important consideration is plumbing and electrical for your new room:

  • Do you need a bathroom in the garage?
  • Is your washer and dryer currently located in the garage?
  • Do you need a kitchen or food service area?
  • Do you need heating and air conditioning?

Here are some important storage considerations to get you started:


The cement garage floor – allows you a wide choice of coverings such as wood flooring, carpet, and many types of tiles. The garage floor needs to be sealed with a primer coating and a vapor moisture barrier coating applied to the floor. This step prevents mildew and moisture buildup under whatever final floor covering you have selected.


If the garage walls are unfinished, they will need to be covered with drywall and possibly insulated, painted, and trim added. The walls offer the largest area for storage cabinets, shelves, and wall organizer systems. A well-designed wall storage solution will get most of the boxes, bags, tools, bikes, and holiday decorations off the garage floor.


Your new remodeled garage will look much more organized and homey when everything in the room has a place where it belongs. Shelves come in many decorative styles and sizes. You can easily add shelve space to your room without the cost of adding square footage.

Overhead Storage

Overhead storage is a very popular option used in homeowners garages. Most home garages have an open ceiling. This upper ceiling area is very much the same as the main house attic – If you cover the beams in the garage with drywall and paint the drywall you have a finished ceiling. Put in a drop down ladder and even an electric hoist and you can lift and store almost anything you don’t need on a regular basis in the attic.

A media room or a home theater remodeling project involves good planning and design to create a family room that becomes a comfortable and natural part of the entire house.

Robert Christian is a freelance writer and published author specializing in garage renovation and remodeling for the DIY home owner. To learn more, contact Robert at http://www.garageenvy.com

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Design For Home Decoration

How many of us, when it comes round to decorating our homes, want to try something different, something altogether more glamorous and sophisticated? The problem is that few of us can afford to hire designers, so why not check out all the free ideas that are available?

Magazines are a great source of ideas; but the ones specifically designed for home decor can be very expensive. There are always magazines lying around in a doctor’s waiting room or beauty parlor; so go a bit early and skip past the gossip columns to the sections about decorating.

All major stores spend a fortune producing the free catalogs that advertise their products. This money is spent on creating room settings to photograph their good in, and the decorating involved. Zellers, IKEA and Sears’ catalogs are great sources of decorating ideas.

Take a wander around your local furniture store and you will pick up a wealth of free ideas. Like the catalogs, they want to show their stuff off at its best, so the displays are always interesting.

The window of big stores are always immaculately dressed to get you interested in the product they are showcasing. So there are lots of ideas absolutely free of charge.

If you are strapped for time get on the internet. There are so many free ideas on dozens of specialist websites that you may find yourself spoiled for choice.

Some of today’s decorating techniques are a lot easier than they look, and there are many sites that will take you through the process step by step so you end up with a professional finish. In other words; you get not only the ideas but also the instructions to put them in to practice.

I firmly believe that there is an interior designer in all of us; we just need those initial ideas to get the ball rolling. After all, even the most famous designers will have been inspired by somebody else. Before you know it, you will be displaying a creativity you never knew you had, and your home will look fabulous.

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