Notre Dame Home Decor

Your cookie cutter suburbia neighborhood is starting to get to you because everything just looks alike. So, you want to give your house a little character and a great option for doing just that is fabulous weathervanes. One is an excellent way to make your home stand out in a stylish way from the rest.

Really, weathervanes are a great choice for personalizing the look of your outdoor space and the reason being is that there are many fantastic options to choose from. Like how there is a plethora of options that feature different eye-catching designs and shapes. You can get ones that feature a natural outdoor theme that are in the shape of bears, deer, moose, pine trees, even trout, and wolves. There are others that feature nautical themes and are in the shape of schooners, lighthouses, and other sailboats. You can even get ones that are in the shape of your favorite college team’s logo from Notre Dame to Ohio State, even Wisconsin and Michigan are options. Along with all those just mentioned, there are many, many more that are available like those of the garden whimsical variety and some that are even in the shape of hot rod cars and motorcycles.

As you can see, there are a lot of selections and with weathervanes, the choices don’t even stop there since they are also available in a wide variety of sizes. If you want to get one to put atop your roof, then one that is larger in size would be the way to go. Or, maybe you want to add a decorative touch to your garden, then you would go with something that is smaller in size. There are medium sized ones made my manufacturers too, which would be perfect for placing atop any shed or garage roof. To check out the many selections that are available, the easiest thing to do is just hit the Internet and do some shopping. You can compare the different ones in no time at all and in the process will probably end up finding what you want at the best prices possible.

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing weathervanes is to make sure that you decide on one that is crafted out of a higher quality material. This is really important because if you don’t get one that is made out of a higher quality material, then it will not stand up well under the elements. Now, some of the better material options include aluminum, copper, and steel. Each is very sturdy, plus, they also add to the overall look of the fixture since they all have a very lovely appearance. 
To sum up, if your cookie cutter neighborhood is getting you down, then turn to lovely weathervanes. There are many, many eye-catching selections to choose from to personalize your space. Get one today so your home will finally stand out from the rest tomorrow.

Jennifer Akre, owner of numerous online specialty shops, shares her insight on how to create a more decorative home by using gleaming copper weathervanes [], charming garden finials [] and lovely weathervane cupola [].

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Cheap Diy Home Decor Ideas

Just about every homeowner keeps an eye open for cheap home decorating ideas. Nothing can make a space more beautiful than when it looks good and you know you saved money in making it look that good. Did you know that flexible crown molding can be used in a lot more places than just where your wall meets your ceiling?

With a little imagination and know how, flexible crown molding can be used to make quite a few cheap home decorating ideas come to life. Some of the reasons that it can be used in many different applications are because it is fairly easy to install and is light weight. Also, it is strong, easy to manipulate, can be painted and comes in a large variety of shapes and sizes. The styles available make it easy to match to just about any decor. For smaller rooms or spaces, consider adding molding in horizontal stripes to a wall. Spaced far apart (a foot or more), narrow strips of crown molding can add dimension. You can either paint the molding the same color as the wall, or a contrasting color for more interest.

If you have pictures or other wall art, you can also use flexible crown molding to frame them. You do not need to make the frames the standard square or rectangle shapes either. Since the molding is flexible, you have more creative leeway to try other shapes that will showcase the prints.

Other cheap home decorating ideas that use molding include: adding it to the edges or bottom of old nightstands and then painting, creating designs on plain doors, build up or add to fireplace mantels, use to showcase or accent ceiling lamps, spruce up book shelves by adding crown molding to the edges and sides (then paint), create panels using beautiful wallpapers, etc.

Molding comes in a wide range as far as pricing. If you learn how to install crown molding yourself you can save even more. The pieces usually come in several lengths and you can purchase them by the piece. For some of these smaller decorating ideas, you may only need a couple of pieces that cost $20-$30 each. Of course, you may also need paint, trim nails, a hammer, a level and a measuring tape, but compared to purchasing pre-made custom furniture, you should still come out way ahead! Be sure to take accurate measurements so that you are not purchasing materials that you will not use, but you will also need to round up the measurements to allow yourself a little extra in case of mistakes.

The more experienced you are at DIY projects, the less you will need to worry about this. If you are new, you may want to ask the professionals where you are purchasing the crown molding what they recommend as far as extra molding to allow for errors. Let them know what your plans are and they can help you get all the materials you need for your project. Once you get started using flexible crown molding for your cheap home decorating ideas you are sure to be inspired with even more ideas! With its easy installation and durability, crown molding is a great option for those who want to watch their budget and create the home of their dreams and remember when you learn how to install crown molding you can save big.

And if you are in need of some home decorating ideas we may have just what you are looking for. Once you get there please let me know where to send your Free Guide full of home decorating tips that you can use everyday. And if you would like to how to install crown molding I offer a step by step guide that you may like.

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Ottoman Trays Home Decor

When it comes to decorating our homes, we tend to look for pieces that are beautiful and serve purpose. We choose our couches because they are beautiful and comfortable. We choose our bedroom sets because they serve storage purposes, they are beautiful to look at and they provide a fabulous matching frame for our bed.

Most pieces of furniture are designed for one room in specific. Desks for office places, dining tables for kitchens or dining rooms, bedroom sets for bedrooms; but there is one piece of furniture that is beneficial to any room in the home. The storage ottoman tray is a beautifully designed way to store items out of the way in a “box” that is not in your way.

There are many sizes and styles in the storage ottoman trays. These items can come in a variety of materials and colors, so they are sure to fit in any room. A larger square or rectangle ottoman can be used in the living room and serve its purpose as a foot rest or table and can store your CD or DVD collections out of sight. Storage ottoman trays can also be used in the bedroom, typically at the foot of the bed to store extra blankets or bed sets, clothes, or whatever you choose to store. In a home office, a storage ottoman can be used as a foot rest area for you to sit back and relax while you are reading a book or important papers and can store any office equipment that you want to hide out of the way, or even store books.

Some people choose to put storage ottoman trays in their bathrooms as a seat while they prepare for their evening bath. In the bathroom, these can be used to store towels or other toiletries so you can access them easily.

The possibilities are endless with this functional storage solution. Do not waste your money on big expensive storage units that just sit in the room. Invest in a storage ottoman that allows you to store items as well as use it for your comfort.

When researching your storage ottoman tray [], be sure to check out the ottoman trays guide [] for all the information you need!

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Home Decor Wall Mirrors

There are lots of mirrors out in the market today. Decorative wall mirror is one of the different mirrors that you can find in the market nowadays.

Decorative wall mirror is one of the great looking mirrors that most homeowners would love to use as an interior decoration for their homes. Decorative wall mirrors are known with different designs and with great quality. Of course, if you have chosen and hanged the decorative wall mirror correctly and properly in your home, you will surely have a great and charming home.

In order for you to have a perfect touch of decoration in a particular room or in your home, indeed, decorative wall mirrors will play an important role to it. You can transform a dull and ordinary space into an elegant and appealing place and for sure the artistic value of your home with increase with the help of the mirror.

The mirror will not only provide charm into your home but it will also blend well with your furniture and fixtures at home. As you hang the mirror, for sure, the room will look much bigger than its original size. In order for you to get an extra attention in your living room, instead of putting traditional artwork near your sofa, it would be better to put a decorative mirror. But of course, in picking a mirror, make sure that you will be considering the style and theme. For you to work wonders for your home, you have to make sure that you will come up with great combination, see to it that the mirror will match with the style and theme of your home.

There are lots of themes that most homeowners make use of such as exotic, tropical, floral, nautical, and many others. Now, there are decorative wall mirrors that match with these themes, what you need to do is go with a reliable store, it can be an online store and ask for the styles, designs that they can offer you. Yes, you can use the internet in finding mirrors for your home. There are lots of websites that offer such products, just see to it that you go with a reliable one.

When hanging a decorative wall mirror, see to it that you place it across a source of light or across the window in order to make your home better lighted since the mirror will reflects the light to the whole room.

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