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Coming under different names – western, rustic, or cowboy home decor – this interior design style creates a very different look, both comfortable and rural. The cowboy home decor uses a lot of little details, sometimes very unusual, to recreate a different era, but you can be assured that most of these things are simple and easy to find.


Natural materials like metal, rock, wood, and leather, traditionally used in the West make essential part of the entire cowboy home decor. Furniture in this style is usually made in a larger scale and without any fancy or fussy detail. There is plenty of log furniture, twig and branch furniture, and mission style furnishings.


As with any theme, especially cowboy home decor, color is of the utmost importance to achieve the total look. The wood tends to be honey colored and the metals should be black. Accent colors are usually a terra cotta, brick red, navy, or forest green, mixed with a neutral background of creams, grays, and tans such as found in a western style fabric or wall hanging.


The choice of fabrics should fall on tough types. Leather is perfect for cowboy home decor, as well as anything rough, textured, and tactile. Suede, wool tweed, birch bark, denim, fur, and even saddle blankets can be used to add the cowboy theme to a room.


There is no question that a motif is necessary when completing the cowboy home decor. They can include any type of animals such as deer, cattle, bear, moose, or fish. Antlers are extremely popular as well as a wall hanging or a chandelier, but look for a more creative use for them to be unique. You could make any of these items into a candelabrum, candle holder, or even a place to hang up coats according to your personal preference.

Other motifs include outdoor scenes such as fishing, riding, hunting, lakes, rivers, pine cones, oak trees, wildflowers, and grasses. The cowboy home decor is all about bringing the outside in, so do it as much as you can without being overwhelmed. Luckily this is one of the decors when more is better.

Cowboy home decor is good not only for your home, but also cabin or barn. It will add a comfortable feel, and can cost you almost nothing. You can use anything – from horseshoe sconces and twig framed mirrors to old jeans, dried flowers, and quilts. Use your creativity, and enjoy the fun of decorating your dwelling in such a limitless way.

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Home Decoration Images India

Zen Buddhism is rooted in the Chan sect of China and its two principle sub-sects Linji (Jap. Rinzai) and Caodong (Jap. Soto). The tranquility sought by practitioners is embodied in the White-robed Kannon, a Bodhisattva Image of compassion seated informally on a rocky crag beside a turbulent ocean. Images such as these, often jump to our minds when we hear the word Zen. While many of us may not be disciplined enough to follow the path, we can ensure that we are in touch with it by practicing Zen Home Decorating.

Like the infinite universe that surrounds us, there are myriad ways that we can make use of Zen Home Furnishings. Many admire or enjoy the act of gardening in accordance with traditions rooted in practice. Others feel comfortable Buddhist Decorating in other ways. A Buddha Statue in a quiet corner of your home can serve as a focal point for your meditations.

In When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times, Pema Chodron notes that “Bodhidharma brought Zen Buddhism from India to China. He was well known for being fierce and uncompromising. There is a story about how he kept nodding off during meditation, so he cut off his eyelids. When he threw them on the ground, they turned into a tea plant, and then he realized he could simply drink the tea to stay awake! He was uncompromising in that he wanted to know what was true, and he wasn’t going to take anybody else’s word for it. His big discovery was that by looking directly into our own heart, we find the awakened Buddha, the completely unclouded experience of how things really are.”

For those of us not quite up to eyelid removal, Zen Home Decoration might be the most suitable option. Zen Wall Décor can bring an exotic touch to our interior space while serving as a reminder to the awakened Buddha that lies within us. Of course, there are many who have only been exposed to Hollywood portrayals of Buddhist practices. Whether it be the martial arts genre embodied by Bruce Lee as the Kato in the Green Hornet and his American hit Enter the Dragon, or Quentin Tarantino’s approach in Kill Bill, we have long been exposed to some of the practices associated with Buddhism in popular western culture. For more general audiences, Pat Morita will always be remembered for his role in The Karate Kid and the mantra “Wax on, Wax Off”.

Dry-landscape gardens (kare sansui), re-create in miniature a vast natural scene of mountains and river landscape leading to a broad, calm sea; raked white gravel is used to suggest water. While such a project might be a bit much for many, outdoor Zen Furnishings can bring such a scene to a quiet corner of your outdoor space. Buddha décor can serve as a wonderful focal point for our outdoor design plans.

In the Mahasatipatthana Sutta, Buddha asks “And what, monks, is the Noble Truth of the Way of Practice Leading to the Cessation of Suffering? It is just this Noble Eightfold Path, namely: Right View, Right Thought, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Concentration.” Together the Path guides the practitioner’s actions, mindfulness and concentration while each element is dependent on the other.

Zen Furnishings can help to create an atmosphere that supports your desire to study the Path. By providing yourself and visitors to your home with exposures to Zen Interior Décor, you actively encourage yourself and those around you to explore. It is that adventurous aspect of Buddhist Decorating that is often sought by the traveler inside us. The theme seems to evoke excitement bathed in the exotic.

Home Accents Galleria is always adding exciting home decor items from five Continents. Come see what’s new from Ancient Egypt, Out of Africa, American Indian Tribes, the Jungles of Indonesia, and the Land of the Incas. From Komodo Dragons to Ancient Egyptian Gods, you will find great conversation accents, decor accesssories and gifts. []

Author: Susy Matthews, World Traveler, Professional Interpreter/Translator, Event Coordinator and Artist.

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Decorate Home For Birthday Party

Holding a birthday party can be a unique experience for parents as well as children. First rule of holding any party is to select the venue. All other ideas have to come from that. If you are hosting a party at a restaurant or a pizza parlor, they will usually provide you with the decorations. It can save you a lot of hassle if you choose this course of action. On the other hand if you want to hold a truly unique or different birthday party for your kid it will be well to hold it at your home.

You can decorate your party venue with lot of colorful things like balloons, buntings and even mistletoe. You can use lot of variations like making arches with balloons or using a tasteful flower arrangement. In case you are holding a theme party, you can use the participating kids as a part of your overall theme. Especially if you are doing one of the jungle party themes, you can paint the faces of the kids as animals.

Kids always enjoy getting themselves painted. You can have lot of very cute looking lions, cats and the eternal favorite monkeys dancing around your party. There are a few things that you should consider. You can hire a professional face painter or you can do it yourself. If you elect to take this option and do it yourself, you should take special care in selecting the paints. Make sure that you use FDA approved paint. Second thing is to make sure that child you are about to paint does not have acne or an open cut on his face. If he or she has any kind of skin condition, you should paint his or her hand, shoulder or some other body parts.

You should have an assortment of brushes, sponges and baby wipes. You should also have few bowls of clean water, towels and tissue papers. Most important thing is that you should have a mirror handy as kids just love to see their face after someone has painted it. In case you or the kid does not like the result, you can always wipe the original and redo it.

Another thing that you have to be very careful about is the instructions as how to remove the paint. Use wet soft baby wipes to remove the paint. Carefully read these instructions and do not forget to convey it to the parents of other children.

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