Ocean Decorations For Home

Starfish are fascinating sea creatures. They are immensely popular as decorative items. A rich subject for photographers in nautical themed displays such as bathroom product promotions and cosmetics and a popular decor item in countless homes. To this day they are still a source of sustenance for many small communities. Sea stars posses an evergreen beauty that captivates the human imagination.

The Starfish possesses the remarkable ability to regenerate itself when it suffers an injury or even loses one of its ‘arms’. Named for their distinctive shape, the starfish has an appeal that has captured the imagination of countless individuals.

The uniquely attractive shape of the starfish gives it a timeless beauty. Its origins from the depths of the ocean – inaccessible to the average person, serves to add to its mysterious, aquatic charm.

For decades they have been a popular subject for photographers, home crafts, florists, artists, decorators to name but a few. There is a thriving industry built on harvesting these marine animals by the thousands and exporting them to all corners of the globe.

Due to its very nature it is ideally suited as a decoration item for bathrooms and showers. A natural fit for water features or pool areas. Unfortunately the dried Starfish that are commercially available are not suited to extended exposure to humidity. The constant moisture eventually causes disintegration over time.

Our planet is groaning under ecological strain and any marine related industry is regarded with conservation concerns. Commercially harvested starfish for the most part are apparently not a threatened species at this time. They are prolific breeders and it is a rich resource that is still bountiful in numbers. It has been the lively hood of many small coastal villages in developing countries such as the Philippines and in Fiji, where the harvesting of these sea creatures has been a way of life for centuries. The ever increasing demand for these unusual animals will in time no doubt begin to deplete sources.

So many natural resources on this amazing planet are currently laboring under the burden of unchecked plunder and depletion. Some classes of starfish have however been declared an endangered species.Alternative and affordable forms of marine themed décor items are readily available on the market. Making use of these would certainly ease the demands made on nature and aid in the preservation our natural heritage.

One can find durable and water resistant replicas that range from realistic to more stylized designs. With all the charm and attraction perfectly captured. The greatest advantage being that they make a more versatile range of uses available. Moisture and weathering is no longer an issue. There is no need for us to forego such an appealing addition to our homes and gardens.

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Home Bar Wall Decor

One of the more interesting trends we are seeing in wall murals today is their installation in “basement bars.” After being settled into a new home, many homeowners want to get their basement finished or refinished with a home wet bar and a sports or nature-themed mural.

These days, it is very popular for basements to include a home wet bar, or basement bar. Having a great home bar is ideal for entertaining. Whether you like to host weekly card parties, impromptu get-togethers with friends, or just settle in to watch the big game, a home bar wall mural is both welcoming and a unique expression of the homeowner’s taste, interests, and style.

A well designed home bar incorporates the following key elements:

  • several electrical outlets
  • creative lighting
  • plumbing
  • durable cabinetry
  • a recommended bar height of around 42 inches.
  • the “patron” side of the bar will have bar stools or seating of some kind
  • the “bartender” side will abut a wall which supports a top and shelves
  • and of course, a perfectly themed wall mural to compliment the bar area

The bar wall, usually adorned with a large mirror, is an ideal place for a mural. The addition of a sports or nature-themed wall mural is a unique and affordable alternative to that large bar mirror. A mural can also compliment an existing mirror, if the homeowner so chooses.

Whether the homeowner is a fan of fishing, hunting, horses, or the tropics, he or she can certainly find it on today’s easy-to-install wallpaper murals. Check with online stores to find the perfect mural to fit both your taste and decorating budget.

A home bar mural can be installed with a hired wallpaper hanger or as a fun, do-it-yourself project. This is entirely dependent on the homeowner’s preference and budget. Please be sure to follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

Wall murals continue to be a fresh, affordable home interior decorating choice. Sports and nature-themed wall murals are being considered more and more these days as a unique and affordable addition to basement bar decor. Sometimes a plain old bar mirror is just that–plain and old.

A well appointed home bar is one of the greatest places to gather and make memories. Make yours memorable with the perfect mural.

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How To Decorate Home Theater Room

Usually when a consumer purchases a home theater – they only give thought of the three basic components. DVD Player, A/V receiver and Speakers.

But no consideration of the interior decoration affects the capacity to enjoy the movie, or how walls or other decorative features can distract your viewing pleasure.

Get tips from the Experts

Go to you local cinema and see how the professionals do it. Pay attention to how their decoration adds to the viewers attention – nothing is added that would make a distraction.

The experience created by the movie theater is mere than just watching a film; it’s about getting into the film, as though you are actually in the movie itself, as despite the fact that you are sitting in the movie theater you feel as if you are in the car chase.

When you first enter the movie theater actual viewing room you will notice there is very little artificial light if any – in fact there will be no light at all.

Wall scones and some running light can be brightened or dimmed along the sides, once in a blue moon will you notice lights switch on overhead as the movie plays.

Most Cinemas’ intently choose dark colors to enhance your viewing experience, and paint on the wall does not reflect as the fabric’s lines the wall.

Applying textured paints or mattes will keep away potential reflections and having carpets on the floor will eliminate any screen light from reflected.

You will also become aware of the comfortable seating and adding this to your own viewing room is a bonus as you can spread out, put your feet up while watching your favorite show or movies – something you are not supposed to do in a movie theater.


Make your viewing entertainment more enjoyable by adding touches that you can add enhancing your own home theater room.

Just a little bit of time is need to decide the features you want and how by adding them they will work in your viewing room.

The bonus is you will have a space that you and your family really feel comfortable with while watching movies and television shows.

Accomplish this level of comfort – you are likely to be the envy of others!

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Showpiece For Home Decoration

Since primitive age we have seen how cavemen had decorated the caves they inhabited through paintings, sculptures and carvings. Man has always made a conscious effort to make his surroundings look better and livable. Even today when a new home or office is purchased there are options galore for decor.

The various types of home decor artwork options that are available now are:

1. Wall paintings 
2. Glasswork 
3. Mirror work 
4. Sculptures and showpieces 
5. Furniture 
6. Tapestry 
7. Handicrafts 
8. Cultural themes 
9. Historical artifacts 
10. Animal artifacts

Glasswork or glass art is a type of home decor that has figurines and structures designed using pieces of glass. These glass showpieces look bright and vibrant as they reflect light and appear to be very attractive. The other type of glass art is that of glass painting which is usually adorned with light in the background to make it look more attractive. Folk art is another simple way to decorate your home with. It consists of paintings, needlework, sculptures and other handicrafts. Since these objects are handmade, they can be customized to suit your requirements and help in providing a personalized look to your home decor.

Wall tapestries and furniture also needs to be considered as an important home decor. Some are passed on as heirlooms and has a unique old world charm to it. These are available nowadays at garage sales or in certain auctions, but need to be checked if they are in good condition. Old stylish armchairs or grandfather clocks are some of the popular objects that add grandeur to the room and make it look majestic.

Other home decors include beautiful huge photographs that are mounted on the wall. The most popular themes include nature close-up shots such as animal life or scenic beauty. Dramatic landscapes, sports scenes or portraits are popular subjects for decorating the walls. The other themes that are popular in modern art are abstract themes and as well as erotic art which can be seen adorning the walls of offices, professional’s workplaces or clubs and restaurants.

Art and home decor go hand in hand as most work of art is meant to adorn the drawing room walls or the study room or the space above the fireplace for most people. While the rich and the famous may have the exquisite and expensive paintings or antique furniture as their showpiece, others may cherish a painting done by a family member or an artifact bought at a local store as their home decor.

Online you will find a wide selection of home decor artwork in many different mediums and produced by famous artists at reasonable prices. Get a feel for what you like and what compliments your home.

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