Automotive Home Decor

It used to be that vinyl lettering was used primarily for business signage, automotive, and boat lettering. That simply isn’t the case anymore. Recently, vinyl lettering has come into the mainstream of interior decorating because of its versatility. Vinyl lettering offers those wanting to create unique and personalized home decor simple, and affordable decorating options.

Wall Lettering:

Vinyl wall lettering, referred to by some as wall words, is a great alternative to the messiness, and permanence of painted stenciling. You can get a professional stenciled look that is customized to your exact desires. You choose the size, color and font of the vinyl lettering, have it custom made from an online manufacturer such as, and apply it to the wall. There is no messy cleanup, no “oops” moments when you have to fix the wall, or clean paint from the carpet. And the great thing about using vinyl lettering on your walls – It’s completely removable without damaging the painted walls. Vinyl wall lettering is also cheaper than paint, especially if you calculate your time, the brushes, clean up tools, etc.

Home Décor Signs:

Vinyl lettering can also be applied to wooden boards to create beautiful, and rustic looking signs. Many times the signboards feature a family name, with an different color overlay with the couples wedding date, etc. Creating a sign is very simple. You simply paint the board the color you would like, and then order the vinyl lettering in a contrasting color of your choice. Once the sign is dry, simply apply the vinyl lettering for a wonderful, and professional hand painted look. There are many online retailers, such as that sell kits containing wooden boards and lettering together in one package. The key here is that YOU are in control of the finished product, because you choose the fonts, colors, and sizes.

Decorative Tiles:

There aren’t many things more beautiful than an Italian ceramic tile, except maybe an Italian ceramic tile that has been turned into a beautiful home décor accessory by adding some vinyl lettering to it. Take a 12″ ceramic tile (available at most home improvement stores) and add to it a decorative tile lettering kit from, and you have yourself a beautiful home décor piece that is personalized to match your personality and home décor scheme. Simply apply the vinyl lettering to the tile, apply a light clear coat to seal it, and you’ve got a great home décor accessory.

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Home Decor Craft Ideas

The home decor craft market is still a strong segment in consumer markets. However, now more than ever before, consumers need a really great excuse to purchase these kinds of crafts. How to face this challenge?

Given home decoration crafts are not necessarily utility products in the whole sense, consumers need to have an emotional connection with the products in order to engage in the buying process.

What this means for designers, artisans and producers of home decor crafts is they need to go back to the basic ideas and concepts that triggered the creation of these products. The era we’re living in, demands for crafters and designers to take on their role more actively than ever.

Competition is strong and if you want to tap into online business opportunities, it’s even more important to really design unique products that reflect the collect feelings of society. Today’s designers, artisans, crafters and producers need to engage consumers with home decor craft ideas that reflect the deep needs of consumers.

Home decor craft ideas for producers include making objects that capture and reflect consumers’ unique sense of style and personalities while at the same time helping show they have a style. Even more importantly, producers need to make a personal and emotional connection by finding a link among needs, desires, and wants.

For instance, consumers today, not only want beautiful home decoration, but also to know: Who made it? What materials were used? Where was it made? Were the producers appropriately compensated? Who designed the product? Are the designs made using traditional motifs?

In addition, it’s also important to incorporate trendy ideas and contemporary looks into these products. Trends include mostly color, materials, and textures. Following trends could be very challenging.

The best way to start developing this skill is by observing color, materials, sizes, and choice in textures used in current or seasonal products on the market.

The core of following trends is looking for those aspects that embrace the collective feelings of society, and then try to incorporate those into the design and production process. So, here is a trendy idea for producers. Have you noticed that lately it’s all about sustainability and environmental consciousness?

Although, this is not just a trend, it’s becoming a new model to follow. As a result, designers and producers need to incorporate this new concept into their creations. Create eco-friendly products. This is one important trend in the home decor segment for the new millennium.

The author would never think about starting her own business. Against all odds, she did it and found it to be a very rewarding experience. You can find your own path here!

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Sailboat Home Decor

Rates are discounted significantly from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, generally at least 20% – 30% and sometimes as much as 50%. With a wide selection of statues, placards, tables and other decorative accessories, you’re sure to find something which would appeal to you.

You could find lots of different types of accent tables which have nautical theme. The “Lighthouse Table with Light” is created to replicate the Cape Hatteras lighthouse which has stood as a guiding beam for sailors off the Atlantic Coast. The lighthouse stands twenty four inches tall and has an 18 7/8 inch diameter, tempered glass, table top. Retailing at $129.95, it can be had for just $92.87, including shipping. A second one of a kind table referred to as a “Scallop Detail Hall Table” goes very well with any beach decor. Made with a distressed black finish, this table measures 31.5 inches long, 15.75 inches wide and stand 30.75 in. tall. Intricately carved with elegant legs, at $48.87, its more than 50% off the retail price of $99.95.

A very neat “Rattan Styled Palm Tree Lamp” adds a tropical touch to any room. The base looks like a palm tree and the shade is made with a rattan weave. It uses a 40 watt bulb and stands about 25 inches tall. Retailing for $69.95, the Velvet Gourmet cost is just $35.87.

Sailboats are a great addition to any beach home decor. Velvet Gourmet would provide you a lot of sailboats which are beautifully crafted. There is a “Glass Sailboat” which reminds one of a racing yacht. A “Cutty Sark Wood Clipper Ship” that brings back a picture of the first explorers sailing the open seas, is one of the more popular ship choices. Other choices include a “Ship In A Bottle”, “Model Schooner” and “Model Square Rigger”.

Statues of Dolphins, sharks and sea turtles would spruce up your living room and do not forget to hang a “Weather Station Wall Clock” in the Galley (kitchen). Add the “Flamingo Salt and Pepper Shakers” to complete the tropical kitchen look.

Decorate the walls in your home with some lovely wall art and possibly add a fountain to your foyer. A lighthouse mirror even goes very well in the entrance-way or you can use it in the bed room.

For some great additions to your tropical beach home decor, you can’t go wrong at the Velvet Gourmet.

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Rustic Decorations For Homes

Everyone wants a home that is beautifully decorated and neat however, not everyone has the time to successfully get that look. Rustic decor is a particular way to decorate your home that is simple to do and very comfortable when completed. It doesn’t require a lot of time to accomplish. Rustic decor needs to blend together. Don’t just focus on the color or styles.

It’s important to recognize that there are several different degrees of rustic decor. This may make your decision more difficult because there are so many choices. It’s also important to remember that you don’t need to have the same rustic look in every room. It can vary and this can help if you are having trouble deciding on just one particular rustic look. The first and most common rustic decor is the one that uses older items like antiques and hand-me-downs. Over time, you inherit certain furniture pieces from family members and when you first get them you really don’t know what to do with them. That is when a rustic look works out.


If possible, you want to have hardwood flooring down. If you can’t have hardwood flooring down, then purchase hardwood-flooring look in linoleum. If you have hardwood flooring down already you will want to buff it and then re-stain it to get a new look in your flooring. Place floral rugs down in front of the sofa and chairs. If you have a fireplace, you can braided rugs in front to highlight the fireplace and enhance the look.

Decorating the walls

The walls need to be painted or wallpapered. The wallpaper depends on the design. If you want a rustic look then find wallpaper that has something rustic printed on it. Once you have decided on a look, whether wallpaper or paint, you are ready to complete the look of your wall. You can use wrought iron sconces, wicker fans, Victorian style photos, and more. Remember, it’s not what you use to decorate its’ how you blend the look together.

Consider hanging southwestern rugs on the wall for even more decor and a brilliant way to balance the look and the color.


Your furniture needs to match so if the furniture is mixed then you may want to consider purchasing new furniture for the room. Don’t clutter the room with too many pieces of furniture; keep it simple. It doesn’t matter how light or dark the furniture is as long as it matches.


There are so many different ways to accessorize this look. Use throw pillows, lamps, blankets, and more. You can use a southwestern blanket that has vivid colors to place on an ottoman for decor or you can use a plain white blanket. The colors from the southwestern blanket will help to balance the room if you don’t have enough color already. The white blanket will help tone the colors down if you have too much.

Creating a rustic decor is a great start for beginners.

Senior writer Sarah loves sharing her thoughts on rustic decor interior design. Luckily for us she also loves to share her knowledge and tips with us; like her favorite bamboo rugs and other natural area rugs.

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