White Coral Home Decor

Spring is a beautiful time of year and a time for renewal. Let in the fresh air with this change of the season and the newest home decorating trends and colors.

The fashion industry has certainly been an inspiration and influence over the color and trends of home furnishings, but any color is fashionable with the personal self expression and confidence to make it work.

Besides, color boosts your mood and can create favorable first impressions!

Current home decorating trends this year of 2008 are reusable luxury with recyclable items giving new uses for vintage articles. The mixing of classic traditional styling with the newer contemporary and even the inclusion of some Lucite furniture pieces.

Incorporating these home decorating trends into your living spaces adds the uniqueness of your personal stamp to your decor.

Anything that is hand made, environment friendly and authentic, representing the earth using natural organic materials.

Start expecting to see less of the over scaled furniture which has been with us for a while to be replaced with a more streamlined silhouette and a “normal” scale.

What will be over scale? The fabrics will have large repeats on the upholstery and a dominance of graphic prints plus the use of natural materials like linen. Also, expect to see more outdoor fabric choices introduced.

Wallpaper is making a comeback and the use of metallic in paint color for the walls.

Look for accents and the use of silver finishes, mercury glass, mirrors, pottery and crystal.

A big color this year is pink and not just for little girls! Use pink in the darker raspberry tones and the pinky reds moving toward the coral shades.

Tone the raspberry with a rich neutral like chocolate brown, looks awesome.

Actually anything in the chocolate brown and espresso family but especially with a red-violet undertone, and in addition to the natural browns, earthy colors include the blues and greens.

Neutral grey in the quiet and clean tones of chalk, slate, charcoal and gray flannel will be evident. Grey is a great neutral back drop to the brighter accent color combinations used this year ( pair it with orange ) and is a softer approach to the black and white that is still quite strong.

Very dramatic and sophisticated, black and white rooms are quite stylish when one of the two colors dominates, and the black and white color palette successfully uses the bold patterns that are popular. An accent with red or pink will give it some punch or keep it subtle with taupe.

With an increasing awareness of important environmental causes, home decorating trends reflect eco-consciousness with the color green becoming the “new” refreshing neutral. Green is a natural and earthy color that definitely says spring, bringing the outdoors inside.

The peaceful green of ferns, palms, pine and sage blends well with any other color you choose, is very versatile and can be used in any part of the home with great success.

For femininity work it in with pinks, for a modern mix use it successfully with gray, or go earthy with chocolate brown.

Watch for many tones of water blues and sky blues with respect to home decorating trends that enhances the environmental movement. Metallic and denim blue and even lavender will all have a presence.

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Home Decor For Bachelors

When you’re single, you’ve got a bit more freedom in terms of choosing home decorations for your space. You don’t need to consult anyone on your home accessories, as you are the only one you need to answer when you’re a bachelor or a bachelorette. Of course, with all this freedom, it can be difficult to get started on choosing the right home accessories and decor for your space. Here’s a few tips and tricks for decorating while single.

Determine What Your Style Is

If you don’t know what home decor style you’re most drawn to, you can’t even begin to decorate your space. This applies to both men and women. It’s important to figure out what styles you’re most drawn to before you rush out and start buying whatever you can find on sale at your local retailer of choice.

To do this, check out online resources for inspiration. Print out pictures of rooms that you feel particularly drawn to and eventually, you’ll figure out what styles of home decorations you’re most drawn to. Interior design styles include popular styles such as contemporary, modern, traditional; as well as lesser-known styles including steampunk, mid-century modern or shabby chic.

Set a Budget

When you know what you want, you’ll need to set up a budget. Be sure to divide that budget up accordingly and have money for everything in that particular room. For example, in the living room you’ll need furniture, wall decor, table decor, throw pillows, floor rugs and other home accessories to complete the space.

Tips for Bachelors

Bigger is better when it comes to choosing home accessories, so keep this in mind. Chances are, you don’t’ want your space to look cluttered. By choosing a single large home accessory, such as a large hammered metal vase, rather than choosing several smaller home accessories, you’ll create a cleaner, less-cluttered look.

When choosing colors, it’s okay to stay in your comfort zone. If you prefer toned down neutrals, then your home decor should reflect this. This same concept can also be applied to your furniture, wall art and other home accessories.

Tips for Bachelorettes

Remember that much like your life, your home decor must be multi-tasking. This means incorporating all of the elements: furniture, home accessories, wall art and lighting.

Next, don’t be afraid to tackle different projects around your home. You can learn to tile a backsplash, a fireplace backsplash or a floor if you put your mind to it. Plus, updating areas of your home decor can really help you pack a punch when decorating your space.

Finally, no matter whether you’re a bachelor or a bachelorette, don’t be afraid to mix and match different home decor styles. Don’t be afraid of color. Don’t be afraid to try new home accessories in your space. Home decor is flexible and if you don’t like it, you can just as easily change it, so keep this in mind when you’re working to create your single-person space.

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Country Style Mirrors Home Decor

With so many choices of home decor to choose from, the most important factor is making yourself comfortable and happy. Of course it’s important to you to have an attractive and inviting home for your friends and visitors, but you’re the one who matters most. After all, you do live there!

Color is a very important factor when choosing your home decor. Rich hues such as burgundy, navy, green and rustic colors tend to make a home feel warm and cozy, while lighter shades create an open and airy atmosphere. Red, black and gold as commonly used in Asian home decor is very bold and perfect for those with strong personalities who want their home to make a statement.

Country home decor and well as western styles use a lot of the rich and rustic colors. Roosters, cowboy wall hangings, wooden western mirrors and candleholders all tend to have these shades in them. These warm hues are also frequently used in western style rugs, country kitchen towels, curtains and canisters.

The lighter, cooler shades mentioned above are often used in classical decor as well as shabby chic. With classical decor, the lines are usually smooth and uncluttered, with furniture ranging from white and linen to beige and brown tones. Light colored lamps, carpets and curtains are often used in this decor. Sometimes wall hangings contain bolder hues to add an interesting splash of color.

Light and airy colors are also used in shabby chic decor. There are several styles of shabby chic, but most use light colored furniture and accents with a distressed or worn finish. Delicate floral patterns are used in curtains and wall hangings, along with elegant distressed finish chandeliers, candle holders, plant stands and mirrors. The shabby chic look is romantic and charming.

Of course, whatever you feel comfortable with is fine. If an eclectic mixture of these styles is what you like, go for it! I have seen homes where each corner of the room had its own theme – nautical in one corner, porcelain dolls in another, with an overall country theme. It was absolutely breath-taking! So when it comes down to it, use whatever style of home decor makes you happy. Your guests will love it too.

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