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Holiday home decorating is a great way for people to show their holiday spirit. However it is important to keep some general principals in mind when selecting your seasonal home decor. The list that follows is a general guide on what not to do when selecting your holiday home decorations.

Don’t Over Do It:

Pick a color scheme and stick to it. Many people make the mistake of being too “loud” with their decorating colors and end up with a chaotic mess instead of a calming holiday effect. Of course, when there are children involved, there are more knick-knacks and decorations that won’t exactly fit in, but that’s the fun of youth. However, for adults who want to pull a seasonal room together, carefully think what holiday home decorating you really need and if those items gel harmoniously.

Keep Decorations Balanced in the Home:

Again, when placing seasonal decorations such as the tree, wreaths, centerpieces, and religious icons around the interior and exterior of your home, keep a tasteful balance. Many light up the night sky with far too many lights around windows, around porches, and sometimes on the roof. Make a more prudent choice and go with a more minimalist approach. Plan out where fairy lights and the tree will go in relation to the picture window neighbors can see through. Keep a close eye on the distance put between items on mantles and table. You never want to create a more chaotic look which makes any room feel less comfortable to occupy. That’s not what you want for those who visit your home.

Keep Inflatable Ornaments Out of Your Yard:

If there are children in the home who fall in love with a Frosty the Snowman snow globe the size of your home, perhaps it’s nice to appease them. However, make sure that the ornament is securely attached to the ground due to high winter winds or an unexpected storm.

If you do not have children, the wise choice to maintain a sophisticated look is to avoid these type ornaments like the plague. It draws away completely from any tasteful decorating you may have hung. No one is looking at the handmade wreath you spent hours putting together. Neighbors see only the Santa and reindeer that are perpetually inflated by a loud generator will make all your creativity moot.

Choose Lights and Related Illuminates Carefully:

Not only does this apply to the lights on your tree matching those on the porch outside, this includes such items as a string of icicles across your roof or around a column. These icicles could be light up, or reflect that the light. It’s not a bad idea to have a tree outdoors, again have a theme going with the lights you use.

Never Half-Finish a Job:

Even though life can be fast-paced, especially those with children, have a million different events to prepare for as well as attend. When you choose to decorate, perhaps have grandparent look after children, or if business keeps you away, schedule one, free day to devote to decorating. This can make sure everything is done in-whole, and all the stress of getting it done is behind you.

Don’t Hide Your Christmas Tree:

Many make the Christmas tree the focal point of all interior decorations. Don’t hide this prized-decorating item in a corner, but in front of a window which adds cheer to those who drive by.

Avoid Using Candles:

There are many, tasteful, natural-looking alternatives sold in decorating stores to prevent one from using candles at all. When decorating a home, many candles were lit and placed on windowsills. This proved to create many house fires due to the heat igniting holiday cloth window treatments.

Carefully Choose the Wreath for Your Front Door:

When looking at the exterior of the home, many eyes are drawn first to the wreath adorning your front door. There are a plethora of fun, adventurous, or traditional looks to meet any personality. However, be mindful of how this wreath corresponds with the other decorations.

Pick the Right Time to Put Up or Take Down Decorations:

It seems that Christmas decorations go up earlier and earlier every year. Where many didn’t break out the tinsel until the first week of December, however, during current years, many Christmas trees go up before Thanksgiving.

Likewise, there are a few who don’t seem to want to let go of Christmas, let those lights keep blinking well into January. Think before you put up decorations and remove those decorations no later than New Year’s Day. This marks the time of a new year, and another time to put the last holidays behind us.

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Aluminium Home Decor

Home decoration is considered a fun activity by many, particularly by those people who love changing the furniture arrangements in the room in order to give their home a fresh, new look. One aspect of this fun activity is getting new treatments or blinds for the various windows. Some people have elevated window treatments to an art form.

There are many choices of colors, materials, textures and fabrics that you can use and you also have the option of adding matching cords, fringes and borders around the windows that match perfectly the blinds. Each time you change the window decor, your entire room will have a different look. You can ell a lot about an individual’s personality by looking at their window treatment. They can give a somber, a whimsical, a modern, classical, or even a western/country feel, and all depends on what look you want to achieve. Thankfully you will never run out of material to use, no matter which option you go for.

You also need to choose between various draperies and valances, and whether the material is flat, plated or gathered. And when it comes to getting the right blinds, you are in luck. Years ago there were not so many choices available, however now you can find a huge selection at your home depot and if you decide to check out what’s online, you’ll be amazed at the choices that open up for you. You can find most shades made of fabric or cellular. Also the bottom can be arched, Roman style, pleated, flat or even balloon style.

And the choices don’t end there. Blinds nowadays come in all sorts of materials including vinyl, aluminium, fake or real wood, and you can have as many colors as you like, which gives you the freedom to completely match the treatments for your window to the room decor. If you go for real wood, you won’t even have to worry about matching the room design, as wood goes with pretty much anything, no matter what color the furniture has. Regarding size, you can use curtains that roll halfway up your window allowing the sunshine to enter the room, or use drapes that cover the entire window from top to bottom.

You can even add window treatments in your bathroom, however you need to pay attention to where the window is. If it is close to the bath or your wash basin, you should use a Roman shade or a roller shade, due to the higher humidity factor and the occasional water splashed on the curtains.

Adding interesting and unique window coverings can be a fun activity if you allow your creativity and personality to take over when you are decorating your home windows.

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Gold And Silver Home Decor

Bar Decorating Ideas For Home

Having a home bar can be a lot of fun. It is a wonderful place to hang out with your family or to have friends over to relax and enjoy a couple of cocktails. To make the most of your home bar you should take the time to decorate it in a way that really reflects your personality while at the same time creating a fun, relaxing environment. Check out these bar decorating ideas to get some ideas of how to decorate your home bar.

Before you even think about starting to decorate, you should take a minute to consider how you plan to use the space and what your own personal style is. Are you looking for a sports bar feeling? Or perhaps you are more into a classier, more upscale feeling. Think through bars, restaurants and clubs that you have been to and see which ones stand out in your mind. Once you have figured out the style that you like decorating your bar is going to become a whole lot easier.

One of the most important parts of a home bar is the seating. You want everyone to be comfortable and relaxed. Bar stools at the bar are great, but you should also consider adding some extra seating away from the bar if space permits. Lounge chairs covered in fun zebra print or bright colored fabrics can lend an eclectic feeling to your room. For a sports bar, a large, comfy sofa with plenty of room is a nice option to provide some extra seating. When choosing your seating for your home bar try to find pieces that are relatively easy to get up from. There is nothing worse than having a drink or two and finding that you have sunken down into an overstuffed couch so far that it is hard to get out!

The artwork that you choose for the walls will also depend greatly on the atmosphere you are trying to create. Vintage posters or prints framed in nice frames can be a classy, timeless way to decorate the walls. If the space is on the smaller side consider hanging a few mirrors around to visually increase the size of the space. Always try to hang artwork or mirrors about at eye level for the average person to avoid having it look like it is too high or too low.

Finally, consider getting a neon sign or two to hang. Neon beer signs [] are relatively cheap to purchase and they create the feeling of a “real” bar atmosphere more than any other accessory you can add. Not only that, but they provide great low level mood lighting that really helps to keep your bar cozy and inviting. Check out the huge assortment of discount new and used neon bar signs at []

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Decorative Plants For Home

Types of indoor plants for home or office settings.

There are thousands of indoor plants that one can use for indoor decoration. I’ll mention the most common and the easiest to care for.

Pothos or (Epipremnum aureum) Very Easy care plants. They will do great indoors. They are famous for being used on hanging baskets and can take bright indirect sunlight the more light and the frequent the watering the faster it grows. They can also tolerant low light which makes them ideal for dark areas. You can let them dry out before watering again. They do like well drained soil. It is best if they are fertilized at least 3 times per year. There are two other varieties that have more foliage color. The marbled queen has quite a bit of light yellow and white on its leaves. The Golden variety is mostly green with some golden streaks through it leaves.

Peace Lilly – or (Spathiphyllum) This easy care plant likes low light and is perfect for that dark corner. It produces a white leaf like bloom that can shoot straight up. It does grow to about 4ft tall and 4ft wide. The only difficult part of this plant is that it does like lots of water and should be watered daily throughout the summer months. It can be placed in indirect sunlight or in a very dark room. The white bloom is very colorful and start from the middle of the plant and is actually a leaf. Fertilize at least 4-6 times per year.

Rubber Plant – or (Ficus elastica) -This plant likes low indirect sunlight. Leaves are thick and waxy kind of…like rubber! Very easy care good looking indoor plant. It does like regular watering almost daily during the hot summer months. Very attractive indoor houseplant and should be trimmed once it reaches 6ft. in height. This type of plant can grow very large but you can dwarf its size by keeping it in a smaller container. This type of plant should be used in office settings.

Indoor Cactus Plants – There are thousands of indoor cactus variety plants. Most require very little care they only need to be watered about 1-2 times per month. These plants do not like to be fertilized at all but they are susceptible to insects and diseases. Some of these indoor cactus plants can be planted outdoors if temperatures in your area never dip down below 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mother in Laws tongue or – (Sansevieria trifasciata) It is sometimes called the snake plant. It is used only as an indoor plant in the Southwest. It is very easy to grow and rarely needs any attention at all. It makes a perfect office setting plant just leave in pot and almost forget about it. It can take a lot of abuse. However it does not like freezing temperatures. It tolerates poor soils and only needs water about once per month. It does have very sharp fronds and can easily poke through a persons skin.

There are thousands of other easy care plants but these in my opinion are very popular and can used in home of office settings.

It is important to note that most of the plants are easy care. But one should still Check your plants at least once per week, look for pests, insects etc… Brown tip leaves could indicate overwatering. Be sure to isolate the plant whenever insects are present. Use a good all purpose insect spray. Be sure the product is specifically labeled for both the pest and plant species.

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Letter S Home Decor

Regardless of whether you’re looking to decorate your home, office, or lobby, decorative tiles, clocks, signs, and wall words, can help you achieve an inexpensive over-haul of any space. You can achieve that expensive hand-painted expression without the worry and messiness of paint. Wall Words, and vinyl lettering is especially great for decorating apartments, condos or other rented spaces as they are removable, and cause no damage to walls or other surfaces. As such, it’s no wonder that vinyl lettering is a fast growing trend in decorating, allowing you to add your personal touch to any place or craft in your home or office. We offer 5 simple ways to make your design dreams come to life with vinyl lettering. Since we’ve starting creating custom vinyl wall lettering for clients, I now have the answers to those questions. Here are 5 of the best ways that I have found to use vinyl wall lettering in your home:

1. Inspire with words – You can create the atmosphere you want in any room with a custom quote on one of the walls. This is the most well known use of vinyl lettering in home decor, often referred to as “wall words.” A thoughtfully placed quote can soften the mood in a room, or invoke whatever emotion you seek. Don’t underestimate the power of words in your decor.

2. Anyone Order a Border? – Another great way to use lettering is to use it as a border. Whether you choose a graphic type lettering kit, such as flowers, vines, or shapes, or have a border made of words, one thing is for certain – the border will bring a certain charm to the room that you could have never imagined. Whether you put a border around the top of a childs room (using the words of a favorite children’s song), or put a grape vine border around the chair rail in the dining room, your border is sure to be a hit.

3. Draw Attention to Photos – Another great use for the lettering in home decor is by using wall lettering to accent a photo wall. Few things break up a cluster of photos, and draw the eye to them as does a beautiful quote about family, friends, etc. Most manufacturers have pre-designed quotes specifically intended for this purpose, but you can always get creative and design your own. The only limit to what you can do with vinyl lettering is that imposed by your own creativity.

4. Etched Glass – If you’ve ever attended a BBQ with friends and family, and lost that special baking dish you loved, then you know how important it is to label things. Many people defile their glass baking dishes by resorting to a “Sharpie” permanent marker to label their dishes. However, few consider that you can use vinyl lettering as a stencil, and some inexpensive glass etching cream, to etch a permanent, and beautiful label on any glass baking dish. Not only will people know who the dish belongs to, but they’ll think you must have spent a fortune (Shhh, it’s our secret). Etched baking dishes also make a great wedding gift for the couple just starting out.

5. Banners & Signs – While vinyl lettering is great for home decor inside the home, it can also be used to create banners and signs as well. You can order vinyl banners online, and add vinyl lettering to them to create a very nice banner. We did this for our son’s baseball team after they won the state championship. You should have seen my son’s face to come back from the state tournament to a congratulatory banner hanging in the front yard (I think he still has it hanging in his room). Also, we’ve used vinyl lettering to create nice garage sale signs on foam board. They’re durable, don’t get blown away like poster board does, and stand up to the elements.

As you can see, what you can achieve with vinyl lettering is only limited by your own creativity While these are only a few of the many ways you can use vinyl lettering to add inspiring home decor, and create beautiful signs, I hope they help you see how versatile vinyl lettering really is – especially in regards to home decor. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding companies online that will personalize your lettering for you; however you want to make sure you choose quality vinyl as not all vinyl is created equal. While it may cost you a few pennies more for the good stuff, it will be cheaper in the long run as you won’t have to replace it after a couple of weeks due to peeling letters. So, make sure you choose a top-rate company who uses high quality vinyl.

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Home Decor Stores In Miami

If you’re thinking of changing the look of your home’s interior design – or even if you’re just dissatisfied with a single room in the house, you’re probably casting about it in all directions for new ideas. And ideas are all around you – from the gloss and unreality as displayed in today’s television shows, to examples you see when you visit the homes of your friends or acquaintances. There are books on interior design published every day… but books are limited to a set number of pages and can’t possibly cover every aspect of design…. which is where the niche magazines covering home decorating come in. There are dozens of them, most of them focusing on a certain kind of design, while others do focus on the general aspects. So regardless of what kind of design you’re looking for, an interior design magazine will probably have covered that in a past, present, or future issue.

You will find interior design magazines practically everywhere you look – from the magazine racks in book stores to home improvement stores such as Home Depot, Menard’s or Lowe’s. Wal-Mart and Target carry vast selections. Indeed, home decorating magazines are so popular that even your local gas station will probably have at least one on its magazine rack. Books on interior design and decorating can become dated – but magazines will always have the cutting edge information the homeowner will want to know to create the best designs possible.

These magazines – House Beautiful, O At Home, Home Companion, Veranda and Country Living to name a few – will also have the latest information on the newest gadgets, tips for cleaning and organizing the home, as well as ideas for entertaining. How many styles are there for the interior designer to choose from? There are so many that it’s not possible for one book to cover them all, which is why interior design magazines are the way to go.

Design styles vary from bringing back the classics of yesteryear: the Federal style or the Edwardian style, the Adirondack style, the Art Deco style (my own personal favorite), Baroque, Bungalow, Japanese… to the modern age of PLUG (planned ugliness) to Miami modern! There are too many to list them all, which is why searching the web and reading a variety of magazines is the way to go.

Of course once you’ve gotten your idea out of a magazine you still have to bring it to fruition. At this point of course you’ll have to start as you would with any other home design- assess who will be living in the home – if you have a lot of kids running around you probably will not want to have a lot of bric-a-brac around that could easily be broken. Although, the magazines will probably give you tips on how to ensure that that doesn’t happen, regardless of how many kids you have. Interior decorating and interior design magazines are a great tool for the home owner, so make sure you consult them whenever you’re planning a change or an improvement.

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