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Moroccan Decorating: What is a home without the right decor? Everyone at some time or the other lives the dream of having their own home and probably you are living that dream. Along with the dream comes many things like renovating the home, brightening the interiors, new paint, decorations, wall pieces, show pieces, chandeliers etc. But sometimes, people also end up using so much decoration that it takes away the charm of living in that house. But on the other hand, you can experiment with earthen decors and subtle interior decoration or art to instill a new life into your home. One of doing is by introducing themes based on colors and the other is to use themes based on countries like using the Moroccan decor.

You would probably ask what is so great about Moroccan decor. There is a subtlety in Moroccan decor and it is very earthy in nature. The important point is that if you want your home to stand out of the crowd then you need to think different. Everyone uses the same decors, almost the same ceramic tiles, the aqua colors on the walls and even the ever so popular and classic wrought iron decorative pieces. But if you use Moroccan decor, you are definitely going to create a stir and your friends and neighbors are going to ask you questions about how you went around doing it all. It is not just about decorating the interiors of your home; it is also about creating your own class and being a part of an elite crowd in the society.

Moroccan Decor Influences: Lets take a few steps back in time to know more about a country that has made its impact in the worldwide interior decoration market with their artistic themes. Morocco in North Africa has a rich cultural and historical heritage that exudes beauty through various forms of art, which are often seen as mysterious or magical. Moroccan decor in the last couple of years has been re-discovered and today it is used to add a sensual appeal through art and colors to homes.

If you have visited Morocco then you have had the opportunity to enjoy the rich cultural heritage that it boasts of. If you have never been to Morocco then you can become an integral part of the country, the people and the art through understanding and using Moroccan decor. Moroccan culture was a mix of five ethnic groups, Arab, Berber, Islamic, African and Iberian and their heritage has survived the harsh destruction of time because till around the 20th century, the land was free from foreign invasion. Around the early 1900s, Moroccan culture was influenced immensely by various characteristics of the European cultures but in spite of the influence, Morocco was able to keep its tradition, art & culture alive. Some instances are like the existence of the traditional Moroccan house with a garden in the interior, which is known as Riad and it has not changed for almost five centuries.

Moroccan Style: The Moroccan style and decor is spectacular in looks and sensuous in appeal and has been there was centuries. The intense colors of the Moroccan style cast a magic spell on anyone who uses it and even on those who see it. Most of the Moroccan decor is created from a mix of raw terracotta clay, and the color can vary from the passionate red of the paprika spice to the intense blue of the Mediterranean and the shimmering yellow of the Sahara. You can almost feel the decor as if it were alive!

In fact one of the spectacular Moroccan decor is created with an intense blue as is there at Jardin Majorelle located in the Avenue Yacoub el Mansour in Marrakesh. You have to really see it to believe it but we warn you: you wont be able to stop yourself from falling in love with the color. The blue is unique because no one has ever been able to copy it. But Moroccan decor is not just about vibrant colors, there more to it than meets the eye. You can use Moroccan lighting with different designs and patterns that has a subtle touch of Moroccan and Islamic architecture. The intricately designed filigree lanterns or Moroccan chandeliers with colored glass inserts is a temptation you can hardly refuse and it exudes a class that has elegance. There are special Moroccan henna lamps that come in a hue of colors and can hold you spellbound for hours.

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Bali Style Home Decor

Many people think that installing mini blinds can only help to shield the sunlight from coming in and provide them with privacy. These are its main purposes. However, it can definitely help to enhance the interior look of your house, and to bring out the personality of the rooms and the character of the house owner.

In the market currently, there is a very wide variety of mini window blinds for you to choose from. Manufacturers such as Bali, Duette, Hunter Douglas, Kirsch, Levolor and Comfortex have unique designs, materials and colors for your home. There are many different material types of mini blinds to give you the different interior look and feel you want. One of the best way to get started is to check out on the Internet what are available before you buy.

Mini blinds come in aluminum, wood, vinyl, or faux wood materials, and you can choose either a vertical or a horizontal orientation.

Aluminum blinds are the lowest cost and they are very popular with the shoppers. They are durable and very easy to maintain. They come in many colours and they are the perfect choice for you if you are on a tight budget because they serve the basic needs of mini blinds. You can buy them ready-made from the retail shop or from a hypermart like Wal-Mart.

Wood mini blinds helps to create the warm, cosy and inviting look to the room. Because wood mini blinds come in various models, colors and styles, they give you more choices to pick a set of suitable wood blinds to meet your needs. It creates a natural graceful look and it looks great from the outside.

As wood blinds are often the preferred choice because of its natural and graceful look, it is relatively more expensive than most other mini blinds. Alternatively, you can get faux wood mini blinds which are much less expensive than wood mini blinds. It still offers the natural wood look and it is much easier to maintain as compared to the wood mini blinds. Faux mini wood blinds are made of vinyl and wood that are designed to look like wood mini blinds. Moreover, faux wood blinds can be used in places that are high in moisture like the bathroom and kitchen. They are easily cleaned and they don’t crack or peel.

Vinyl mini blinds are often used in places with a high level of humidity. They can resist the moisture which can cause warping and bending, and can also resist bleaching by the intense sunlight. More importantly, they come in many natural colours, wood tone and prints which gives a more charming look to the house or rooms. Furthermore, it is easy to maintain.

In short, mini blinds can do so much more than to shield your home’s interior from sunlight or to provide privacy. They can also help to create the atmosphere, the style and decor you want for your house or room.

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Styles For Home Decor

Fabrics compliment the decor of a room. The sheer beauty of fabrics can give a facelift to any space. Fabric for home decorating can be used in couch covers, upholstery, slip covers, window treatments, bed coverings, table tops, etc. A fabric less room in a home looks plain and has a cold hard feel. Any room could be transformed into a warm, cozy and inviting place to enjoy with friends and family or just to relax, by the judicious use of fabric for home decorating.

As fabrics for home decorating form an integral part of room decor, it is important to use the fabrics which blend well with other furniture of the room. If you are using a specific decorating design as per the suggestions and advice given to you, then it is very easy to pick the fabrics for home decorating. But without any clue, it is a very frustrating job to choose them and you soon tend to get discouraged. Instead of progressing towards your dream home, you may end up in a nightmare of confusion.

There are a variety of themes for home decorating, each with its own specific style and color for the fabrics for home decorating. If you have selected a theme to guide you in home decorating, the process of choosing the fabric for it becomes smooth. For example, a Tuscan theme would use fabric of woven textures like bur lab, fabrics made of the fiber abaca, tobacco cloth and savannah cloth or fabrics out of the banana tree fibers. Fabrics of Tuscan home decorations are no doubt heavier but they also are very versatile and flexible. The Tuscan theme uses these fabrics for blinds, rugs, slip-covers or for drapes.

If you prefer the Cottage theme, fabrics for home decorating use bright colors and floral patterns. Cottage decorating as far as upholstery and projects using fabric go, point to colourful and bold patterns. Fabrics with printed fruit or vegetables are used in the cottage theme, though more popular is a floral pattern in fabrics of the cottage theme of home decorating.

The Victorian theme of home decorating uses rich fabrics like brocade or velvet in deep colors of burgundy, green or blue. Victorian fabrics for it have a feminine touch and tend to be elaborate. These materials can be used for bedding, slip-covers, curtains, etc. They look excellent if trimmed with ribbons, beads or lace.

Different themes employ different fabrics for home decorating. The above are only a few examples. Your choice should focus on the fabrics that appeal to you. It would also be wise to remember that fabrics can be really expensive; and once you choose and buy a fabric, you could be stuck with it for a long time. Hence it is very important to be absolutely sure that you like it before making the final purchase. These fabrics used in home decorating very often need special care while washing. If you prefer a fabric that is easy to clean, it is important to remember this aspect while choosing the fabric. After all, it is for your home and it is important that the purchase suits your tastes and needs. The choice for fabrics is really vast. But with the help of home decorating catalogues and magazines, websites of internet and the fabric stores in your vicinity, you will find it easy to make a sensible choice for fabrics of home decorating.

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Simple Balloon Decoration Ideas At Home

With balloons and party accessories a festive atmosphere quickly develops in to an amazing party. We have given some good balloons decorating ideas below and with this you can use more of your imagination to add more flair to the party room by using the unique design and architectural features of your home.

First and foremost hang balloons to your mailbox to spot the party place; place them as a decoration at the door; or you may even tie them to the birthday child’s chair to mark the seat of honor. For an additional unique touch, make a balloon arch by filling balloons with helium, attach them (several inches apart) to a long piece of curling ribbon and fix the ends to the floor next to the doorway.

Hanging balloons in bunches is one of the best idea to create best effect. If you have a plan to fill balloons with helium, wait until the party day so that it floats well. Attaching balloons to light fixtures and hanging them in doorways or anywhere that impress the crowd is a brilliant idea. Use colorful curling ribbon to tie balloons together, and curl the ends by pulling the ribbon among your thumb and blade of scissors.

Helium-filled balloons decorations

A simple table decoration is quite simple to make with helium balloons, moreover all latex or a combination of Mylar and latex. Anchor the group to the table with a safety pin in the cloth or with a small wooden block enclosed in decorative paper. Do not forget that latex helium balloons stay floating for just about eight hours. So do this on the day of the party.

For all these decorations it is most excellent if all the balloons are of the same size. To attain this cut out a cardboard pattern and check the size every time you blow up a balloon.

By using your fishing line and paperclips you could move on to the twirl arch. This is made of groups of four helium balloons fixed firmly together by paperclips and threaded onto the line like pearls on any necklace. You would require heavy weights wrapped in paper to safe each end of the arch. Try using a five liter plastic bottle filled with sand.

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Glamorous Home Decor

Most homes have a casual style. Casual decor has simple items such as wooden furniture, a center table made of the same material and coffee tables. In casual settings, attention is not paid very much to the decor – just functionality. In formal decor, the homeowner tries to achieve elegance, glamor and class. So you will see engraved or embossed ceilings, leather upholstery with gold rivets or even coffee tables with glass tops. All of these give the room an elegant look.

When it comes to formal home decor, you will first need to assess your room to see if it fits that type of furnishing. For this type of decoration to work well, the room must have big windows, high ceilings and a large fireplace.

You must begin your decorating with the floor. Though less noticed by homeowners, the floor dictates what kind of furnishings you can use as it serves as the base upon which all other items are placed. To achieve superb formal decor, you can have Asian rugs with embroidery, polished wood or multicolored glittering terrazzo floor. For the ceiling, you can hang chandeliers. If you decide to hang wall paintings, they could be scenes of nature. Tall vases with live plants are a good fit for a formal setting. They need to be elegantly designed and in colors that match the walls.

Wood, especially oak and mahogany furniture, is a good fit for a formal style. The darker they are, the more effective they become as elegant furnishings. For the chairs, the arms and the legs can be lathed for a glamorous look. The tables can have engravings, themed after the owner’s interests, occupation or hobby. The fireplace can be antiquated with small collectible objects standing atop.

A formal décor exudes an atmosphere of elegance for the homeowner. It creates an impression of glamor and class.

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