Decoration Things For Home

By using decorative lights for home, any homeowner is able to enhance the beauty of their home and at the same time, add personality and character to the home. In the past, lighting was more of a functional aspect but in the last couple of years, things have changed drastically as more people choose to use decorative lights for home to enhance the beauty. There are different types of lighting fixtures to choose from and they have different shapes, finishes, materials and sizes. They have also become the major way of decorating homes and the options at your disposal are endless and they can be based on your character.

The following are just some the fixture options at your disposal and you can make your choice based on what will add beauty to your home and increase the appeal in accordance to your preference.

* There are some decorative lights for homes which come in the form of lamps and they are designed with copper, stainless steel and they are also brushed with nickel. These finishes are preferred and loved by the home owner for the simple reason they blend in well with different types of modern decors.

* There are also some lamps which are designed with different types of finish and designed to add beauty in different mannerisms. This ensures that the homeowner is placed at the vantage point of choosing those that add the most beauty to the entire decor.

* There are also some other finishes that depict the look of antiques and timeless collections and these are also chosen in accordance to the character of the homeowner and what they consider appropriate. It is important to state that this look has the ability to deliver a conventional look that appeal to most people.

* Unlike in the past, decorative lights for home are known to add color and detailing to the lamps. This is largely because these are designed with a high level of style as well as elegance and as such, known to add that special touch of beauty to the decorative lighting.

Currently, when you get into the market, you come across decorative fixtures and it is important to select those that add beauty and bring out your character. There are several ways through which to meet this end and key among them is by hiring a professional who understands the different aspects of using decorative lights for homes in order to ensure that you get the best out of the fixtures.

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Decorative Bulletin Boards For Home

To celebrate Christmas Day, it is advised to create a Christian Christmas bulletin board for your needs so you can display some greeting cards you receive. Also, this kind of board is really great and helps you to enhance the look of your room so your celebration will be meaningful for you. In this case, you can create it by yourself that can show your taste and personality. Talking about this board, you will see that the process of making is easy to do.

First of all, you can make the board with the theme of Church. Here, you need to purchase a board with similar theme. Besides, you will need the addition of decorations which are related to the Church. Also, you need to concern about the combination of color so you will be able to make a good composition. In this case, you must be careful in the process of purchase so you will not make any mistake that will make you feel sorry. Also, you need to consider the decorations of trees and also the writing of Happy Christmas.

Then, you need to consider making a board with the theme of Jesus Chris. Here, you will see the use of some pictures of people who are related in the celebration. Besides, the arrangement of people can be done in a good way so you can enhance the look of your room. Then, you can apply the idea of winter that is related with your Christmas Day. Here, you will need to make the best combination between the board and also the home decorations of Christmas.

Here, you will need the use of large bulletin board [] that will make your home have a good look since you can decorate your home in a good way. Besides, you can purchase enclosed bulletin board [] for your celebration.

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Home Decor Turquoise And Brown

When it comes to home decorating, it is easy to stuck in the same old rut. A traditional room with traditional furnishings can become just too… traditional. Perhaps it is time to shake things up with a brand new look for your not-so-brand-new home. Browse through these six home decorating trends and see if there is one that matches your personal style.

Modern Organic. And by organic, we mean natural looking. Modern furniture does not have to take a cubist approach with straight lines and hard edges. The new modern look has plenty of curves, but these gentle life-like curves avoid looking curly-cue or overly feminine. You can achieve the modern organic look with a variety of materials including wood, plastic, leather or metal. The accent colors will be almond, leafy greens, sand, tan and dark chocolate browns.

Shabby Chic. Warning, a true shabby chic look has a distinctly feminine look that is unlikely to appeal to the male gender. So unless you live alone, or the man in your life is extremely generous or oblivious to his surroundings, you may want to avoid shabby chic altogether. But if you do decide to go for it, go for the gusto by placing all white furniture and accessories in an all white interior, then distress the paint, fray the edges, and generally give your room that lived-in cottage look. If you grow tired of the all white theme, you can add a bit of color with cabbage roses and pink and green paint. Just make sure you keep the distressed look intact, even when repainting furniture or picture frames, or recovering pillows or lampshades.

American Country. The country look has evolved. Previously, American Country took its cues from English furniture styles, dependent upon the romantic look complete with pastel colors and frills. Today, American Country is more likely to mix traditional pieces with modern and contemporary furniture, but the baskets, quilts and red, white and blue color theme still provide the underlying essence of American Country decorating.

The Lodge Look. This decorating style epitomizes the concept of bringing the outdoors indoors. With large, real wood furniture, including twigs, poles, and Adirondack chairs, the lodge look incorporates touches of the old West with accents of real silver and turquoise, Navajo rugs, and thrown pottery used either as lamp bases or as accessories for the rough hewn wood mantel.

Mediterranean Country. This look can be either Tuscan or French, but it incorporates the colors and styles of Mediterranean old country homes with the convenience of modern living. You will find deep organic colors of rusts, ochre and saffron, plenty of wrought iron accents and simple lighting designs that may include candle-based light fixtures.

Island Chic. Think Tommy Bahama meets Ernest Hemingway in Casa Blanca. We all know Tommy Bahama was a fictitious character invented by the imaginations of a marketing team, but the line has come to represent elegant Island living, carried out with simplicity and class. The furniture can run from simple wicker, to elegant carved wood that reflects British Colonial styles. The main ingredient for Island Chic is the vivid color palette, consisting of tropical teals, salmon and yellows, usually played against a dark wood backdrop.

If any of these trendy new decorating styles have your imagination spinning, then you have definitely found your next look. Now it is time for a trip to your local paint store and favorite furniture retailer, and you will have your trendy new look in no time.

The author writes frequently on home decorating topics. She recently redecorated her kitchen in a French Country theme, using a rooster themed ceramic canister set [] that replaced her old kitchen canister set [] made from old oatmeal boxes.

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Indian Wedding Decor For Home

There is no such thing as a typical Indian wedding. Surprised? That’s because in this land of diverse languages and traditions, wedding customs are equally varied.

Here’s a look at how people residing in the eastern and western regions of India celebrate weddings.

Eastern Indian marriages

Eastern Indian wedding ceremonies are not as opulent and extravagant as their North Indian counterparts but are equally elaborate in their own way. There are scores of simple but meaningful rituals, many of them very interesting and actually rooted in ancient logic and reasoning. Weddings in India are also an occasion where long-lost close friends and relatives bond and share memorable moments during this happy occasion.

The most striking feature of a Bengali wedding, however, is the fact that the groom’s mother does not attend the wedding! She awaits the happy couple at home, ready to perform all the welcoming rituals.

A typical East Indian groom is traditionally clad in dhoti and kurta, and he carries a mirror all the time right till wedding ceremony is over. The groom’s party is accorded a welcome with fresh flowers and much blowing of conches by the womenfolk. Rosewater is sprinkled on him and then both, the bride and the groom get ready for the actual nuptials. The bride is beautifully dressed in a heavy red Benarasi saree and wears a kind of a crown like a princess. She has sandalwood paste decorations on her forehead and face

As a part of the wedding ritual, the bride has to sit on a low wooden stool called pidi that is lifted by her brothers. The bride is then taken around the groom seven times in circles by her brothers, signifying their eternal union. Interestingly, all along she shields her eyes from the groom with a betel leaf. The bride then proceeds to sit on a highly decorated pidi (low wooden stools), similar to the one on which the groom is seated, all through the chanting of the priest. The women folk gathered blow conch shells to mark this highly auspicious moment.

This is followed by the exchange of flower garlands between the bride and groom, to the accompaniment of the chanting if scared mantras (Sanskrit verses). The bride and groom again take seven steps around the sacred fire. The groom then applies vermilion onto his bride’s head, the symbol of a married woman. After this, the bride is handed over to the groom by her maternal or paternal uncle.

The newlyweds reach the groom’s home where more rituals and ceremonies follow. Hiding the rings of the bride and groom, playing with a vessel full of rice are some of the wedding games to make the new bride feel at home.

Interestingly, the married couple has to stay separately that night and it is only the next night, after all the rituals have finally been completed that they can enjoy conjugal bliss!

West Indian marriages

Western Indian weddings, especially Maharashtrian weddings, usually take place in the morning. Prior to this, the engagement ceremony, known as Sakhar Puda (exchanging of a sugar packet) takes place to formally declare the betrothal.

In the morning, a puja is conducted to worship Lord Ganesh (the elephant-headed God of prosperity). The groom’s family arrives in the morning at either the bride’s residence or the mandap and is treated to a lavish breakfast.

After this, as per the auspicious time already set in consultation with various astrological almanacs, the girl’s maternal uncle escorts her to the Mandap (marriage hall). Tradition dictates that the girl and boy do not see each other while the Antarpaat ceremony takes place. In this a silk partition (Antarpaat) is placed between them. Then the shlokas are chanted by the priest after which Antarpaat is removed. The friends and relatives gathered shower unbroken rice on the couple as an auspicious sign. The bride and the groom then exchange flower garlands and take the Seven Steps (Saat Pheras) around the ceremonial holy fire.

After the marriage ceremony, another puja, known as Laxmi Narayan puja, is held, in which the bride and groom are symbolically worshipped as Goddess Lakshmi (the Goddess of Wealth) and Lord Narayan, respectively. Like in all Indian weddings, the girl is then formally ‘handed over’ to the groom by her father or maternal uncle. This ceremony is known as Kanya Daan all across India.

Gujarati wedding ceremonies also begin by offering prayers to Lord Ganesha and seeking his blessings. Traditionally, the bride and the groom exchange Jaimala or flower garlands twice. The first time round, the groom is made to sit on a higher platform than the bride, symbolizing that the bride has not broken his ties with his friends and family. The second time, they are at an equal level. In what is known as the Madhuparka ceremony, the groom’s feet are washed and he is plied with honey and milk. Even as this ceremony is in progress, the bride’s sisters and cousins attempt to steal the groom’s shoes, a tradition that is followed in almost all the Indian marriages. There is much laughter and good-natured teasing. The groom has to ‘bribe’ these girls with handsome financial benefits in order to get his footwear back!

Then comes the tying of the groom’s shawl to the bride’s sari, readying them to take the customary Seven Steps around the sacred fire – the central part of all Indian weddings. The couple walks seven times around the sacred fire, taking their seven vows, to the accompaniment of the mantras being chanted by the presiding priest. Formally married, the couple seeks the blessings of their parents and other elders. This concludes the wedding which is followed by a grand and lavish reception party.

Traditions and customs form the backbone of an Indian wedding. It is rich, colourful and vibrant, hiding a wealth of meaning in its many interesting and, sometimes perplexing, customs that have their roots in its ancient heritage.

Daya is a former journalist who writes extensively for the UK gift industry. Her forte is the fine art of gift giving to all the women in one’s life, as well as handling the tricky etiquette involved in romance and relationships on the web. See Daya’s best picks for anniversary presents for women that guarantee to thrill the fussiest of women. At wedding anniversary year presents, Daya offers valuable anniversary-related advice ranging from gifts to jewellery to romance.

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