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A mural can add warmth, spice, sparkle and a point of interest to any room in your home. Ranging in size from a full wall to a tiny vignette, your mural can encompass an entire room or be tucked into that tiny, yet difficult, space that you have been wondering just what to do with. The right artistic touch can transform your “plain Jane” wall into the focal point that will become the envy of your guests.

As I said before, you can place a mural in just about any location in your home – be it a bedroom, living area, entry or hallway, or even a bathroom. The really bold homeowner might even choose to have an artistic piece created for the hardwood floor or on the wood face of cabinets. With the use of versatile acrylic paints, such creations are not only easily achieved by the mural artist, but are also very durable as well. I painted an old fashioned braid rug in front of our fireplace (complete with a likeness of one of our cats curled up on it in his favorite spot) several years ago and it looks as bright and fresh as it did when it was first completed. This piece, done with a variety of brands of acrylic paints, is painted directly on our wood floor. It makes a great accent to our living room whether viewed from right next to it or above from the loft.

Your can base your mural on a theme for a room – such as deciding on an African themed bedroom, for example, or a Parisian Café motif for your breakfast nook. Once that decision has been made the artist you hire (or yourself, if you are doing your own painting) can really take the theme to the full extent by painting one wall or all the walls; adding texture to the paint if it fits the theme you have selected; sculpting accent pieces for ceiling fan pull chains or drapery rod details; selecting coordinating hardware for doors and drawers; choosing curtains, drapery or bed coverings to carry out the design and even shopping for clocks, bowls or other knick-knacks that will really pull your selected motif together.

On the other hand, if you have a small wall or a space where there is no room for an accent table or that beautiful vase you have admired in that catalog for months, why not have your muralist paint something similar there? This idea works great in an entryway or hallway, especially where there are too many doors opening into the area and an actual table with focal piece just isn’t an option. Besides, once your beautiful mini mural is complete you have a wonderful conversation piece in your home that your friends just won’t be able to get over. You will have vases that never need dusting and flowers that never wilt, in front of a painting painted directly on your wall using the faux framing of your choice. What fun!

Even an existing painting that you love can be the jumping off point for the mural of your choice. You can use that favorite piece as the color basis for the room or decide to extend a certain feature of the painting beyond the frame on out onto the surrounding wall. This can be great fun, as well as a wonderful way to bring new life to a treasured keepsake.

Maybe you would just like to start out small with something as simple as an accent color on one wall and a favorite quote written across the top with a few flowers, pinecones, or whatever sprinkled nearby. Whatever you do decide to try, by adding this little bit of personalization and spark to your home it will make it that much more special – and that much more yours. You can view some of the different mural ideas and creations I have completed by visiting my website at and then going to the “Murals” section of the site. Enjoy!

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