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Why Solid Colored Rooms Don’t Work

When you’re trying to decorate a room, especially a bedroom, it’s difficult to keep to a theme, especially when you can’t find everything you’re searching for to make the perfectly themed room. In that case, you may be tempted to give up on the themed décor and head straight for Solid Colorsville, but if you’re going to go the route of solid colors in your room, you should be ready for the extra work ahead that you will have to do to keep the colors looking right and matching up.

Each fabric reacts to color dyes differently, so although you may find several pieces that are all cobalt blue, the finished products may be different shades, hues and depths of cobalt blue than you were prepared for.

For example, a blue area rug will change in shades depending on whether it is a wool area rug or a cotton area rug. Each of these fabric types absorbs color differently and will also remain colorfast for a different period of time. You can count on your wool area rug to hold fast to the blue dye much longer than the cotton area rug. Additionally, the concentration of the dye and the length of time it was applied as well as the intensity of the clean rinse on the fabric will also change the look of the color in the different fabrics.

Because wool, chenille, satin, silk, cotton and all other fabrics retain dye in their own natural way, its increasingly important for do it yourself home decorators to pay attention to the colors they are purchasing and take pains to ensure the colors match up appropriately.

For instance, if your area rug is a cobalt blue area rug and your draperies are only slightly off from the shade of your area rug, then this won’t be noticeable. However, if your couch pillows are also slightly off from the shade of your area rug but are not the same shade as the draperies, these differences will become apparent, especially as the draperies fade from maintenance and sun and your area rug fades due to use over time.

The other problem with creating a room that is based solidly around one color is that one solid color can overwhelm a room, especially in an enclosed space, such as a bedroom. If you bedroom is decorated in solid cobalt blue and you also have a cobalt blue area rug, the room may make some visitors feel as if they are drowning in the ocean. A solid colored room can also look out of place in an open room that is subjected to large amounts of sunlight. A room decorated in light yellow or bright orange with an area rug to match may blind visitors upon entry if the sun is out in full forced and blazing in through the windows.

It is important to give your room a sense of depth, whether you choose to use solid colors or a theme to decorate.

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