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Cute Home Decor Ideas

As the thought of the next holiday looms in the future, our choices for holiday decorating ideas grow shorter. There needs to be something new and fresh; something we haven’t tried before. Here are the perfect solutions.

Transform inexpensive everyday items into charming containers for holiday candies. Save everyday items like jelly jars or small paint cans for this project. Or if you like you can use your imagination and go out and buy an item that wouldn’t necessarily be used as a candy jar; like a glass porch globe. Allow your imagination to run wild and use paint, stamps or decorative paper to transform your container. Use etching cream on glass jars to create a frosting effect.

Decorate for your next holiday by creating fun hand towels to spruce up the bathroom. Use fabric paint or markers, iron on decals or ribbons and lace to create your own festive holiday scenes. Another fun holiday decorating idea is to replace everyday pictures with holiday cards or pictures. Simply save old holiday cards or pictures of family members from the previous year. Switch your everyday picture out of the frames with the new holiday ones.

Holiday table decorations don’t have to stop with an interesting centerpiece. Create your own place mats, napkins or napkin rings. Buy plain place mats and cloth napkins. Again, use your fabric markers or paint and your decals or ribbons to create simple, fun decorations not only for parties but for everyday meal times. Improve your centerpieces by decorating plain candles.

Use your imagination and search your local craft supply stores for items that will give those everyday candles a little extra kick during the holidays. By using these simple and easy to do projects for your holiday decorating, you can transform your home into a festive wonderland for any holiday.

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