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Decorate Home For Birthday Party

Holding a birthday party can be a unique experience for parents as well as children. First rule of holding any party is to select the venue. All other ideas have to come from that. If you are hosting a party at a restaurant or a pizza parlor, they will usually provide you with the decorations. It can save you a lot of hassle if you choose this course of action. On the other hand if you want to hold a truly unique or different birthday party for your kid it will be well to hold it at your home.

You can decorate your party venue with lot of colorful things like balloons, buntings and even mistletoe. You can use lot of variations like making arches with balloons or using a tasteful flower arrangement. In case you are holding a theme party, you can use the participating kids as a part of your overall theme. Especially if you are doing one of the jungle party themes, you can paint the faces of the kids as animals.

Kids always enjoy getting themselves painted. You can have lot of very cute looking lions, cats and the eternal favorite monkeys dancing around your party. There are a few things that you should consider. You can hire a professional face painter or you can do it yourself. If you elect to take this option and do it yourself, you should take special care in selecting the paints. Make sure that you use FDA approved paint. Second thing is to make sure that child you are about to paint does not have acne or an open cut on his face. If he or she has any kind of skin condition, you should paint his or her hand, shoulder or some other body parts.

You should have an assortment of brushes, sponges and baby wipes. You should also have few bowls of clean water, towels and tissue papers. Most important thing is that you should have a mirror handy as kids just love to see their face after someone has painted it. In case you or the kid does not like the result, you can always wipe the original and redo it.

Another thing that you have to be very careful about is the instructions as how to remove the paint. Use wet soft baby wipes to remove the paint. Carefully read these instructions and do not forget to convey it to the parents of other children.

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