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Decorating Open Concept Homes

Living in one large, long space: Separating your rooms

With the advent of open-concept homes, new homeowners have come up against some unique challenges when trying to decorate. We no longer can walk from room to room and feel the separation of the living room, dining room, and kitchen. We live in large open rooms, and it is difficult to decorate these homes correctly. Rather than giving an appearance of a mishmash of furniture and décor, try some room separation techniques to define your space and give some character to an open concept home.

The placement of furniture is the most vital part of separating your rooms into definable spaces. If you have a large kitchen that blends into a family room, it’s very likely that the only thing currently separating them is a change in flooring from tile to rug. In a room such as this one, the number one mistake you can make is placing your furniture along the walls. Although putting your couch under the window or your TV on the opposite far wall will create a larger space to walk in, ultimately it makes the room lose any cozy feel it could have. Arrange your couch so that it’s back is to your kitchen nook area. Place your TV on the closest opposite wall, and line with bookshelves on either side. Even without the placement of proper accessories, you will have instantly created a family room that feels separate from the kitchen area.

If your room is larger than average and re-arranging your furniture is not enough to truly separate your space, a room divider is an excellent investment. You can purchase large room dividers that would fit artfully between one area of your home and another. Although these dividers are obviously not long enough to separate the entire room, they create visual interest and can create the illusion of two different areas in one large space.

An artful way to divide your space is through the utilization of area rugs. Separate area rugs for the kitchen and the family room create definition. For the kitchen, a large natural rug such as a jute or sea grass area rug is an worthwhile investment. Choose a border color for the rug that complements your kitchen and place it under your table. For your family room, an area rug made of a plusher material such as chenille or the newly re-popular shag creates that cozy feel that speaks of evenings in front of the fire or lounging around watching television.

There is one thing you should keep constant in an open-concept room and that is your curtains or window coverings. Choose curtains or blinds that you would like to see on all windows. A good, neutral choice is wooden blinds. You can purchase these blinds in natural colors or all white.

Although open concept living has it’s drawbacks and does seem to lack the extra details and character that older homes have, there are ways of adding our own personal touch and creating cozy corners. Dividing your space is an important part of living in these new homes, and the results can be stunning!

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