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Are you just starting out in the gift basket business and wondering how to determine which baskets you will make and at what prices you will sell them for?. Before even deciding to go in the gift basket business, I`m hoping you were smart and analyzed your competition to see what you were up against. If you took notes, all the better since you can use the ideas from the competitors baskets to come up with your own unique touch on your favorite baskets. Use these baskets as a launching pad from which you can invent and design your own unique baskets that will have customers seek you out for your gorgeous baskets. Keep in mind that selling the basics such as a fruit basket and fruit and a candy baskets is essential to success too!

Keep a binder of your findings and calculations or start an online file on your computer or your i phone or i pad. Once you have it all figured out complete with notes on what you want in each basket, you should find a creative name for each basket. Next, check into costs of the individual items as well as where you will buy the stuff. This research will be time consuming as you take time to analyze if you can source your products in town. For example, you may find your fruit at a certain grocery store with the best value for product. You may buy all your treats, candy, chips, crackers and cheese at a superstore in your area with best brands. You will want to make sure to include only name brands and high quality looking products in your baskets. Make sure there are no Dollarama or Dollar Tree tags on the products you buy!

Once you really have it all figured out as to which products will go in each basket, consider making a small, medium and large version of each basket. People love a choice and nine times out of ten, they will choose medium. Now is the time to make a dozen or so mock baskets to showcase to potential customers and photograph each selection. You don`t need to make the three sizes of each basket… just the medium will be fine. Keep in mind that to do this, you can reuse some of the content in one basket for another. For the actual picture taking, make sure you setup an area with a neutral background and good lighting so that your basket stands out and not the boxes of cereal at the back of your counter.

Finally, make sure that if you live in an area where the temperature is very hot or if you plan to be making baskets year round in the summer heat, you will need to have an area that is climate controlled and sanitary to keep your baskets fresh. Consider the health department dropping in to gauge whether the area is sanitary enough. In my experience, if you buy the products as you go and keep nothing but dry product in stock, you will have no problem with the health department. But please do check in your area.

Ideally, you will be going out and purchasing your products on the same day of production but you still need to consider how to keep your baskets stay fresh prior to delivery. A cold cellar, a large fridge or a cold basement are all ideas on how to store your baskets prior to delivery if necessary.You don`t want to deliver a basket with steamed up wrapping and a strong fruit smell that is overpowering and over ripening the fruit before your very eyes from intense heat.

The opposite is true if you live in a cold area. When the temperature outside is -30 degrees, a thin layer of wrapping cello is certainly not enough to protect your delicate tropical fruit. Plan a system for ensuring that your basket choices will stay fresh and unfrozen for when the customer receives it. Depending on how cold it is you may want to consider wrapping your baskets with decorative paper over the cello. For extreme weather, use a foam type insulating paper before a layer of decorative paper… then run to the warm vehicle with it and make sure the person is at home before taking out of the wrapper. If you are delivering to someone`s home versus an office, you could alternatively use a lined box or an insulated bag.

If you want a complete, detailed plan to setup your home based gift basket company, the easiest way I have found to do this is to join the Basket Connectory. This Six Week program is a day-by-day plan of action to get your gift basket business up and running in six weeks.

This guide is designed to keep you on track. You won’t ever have to ask yourself, “What should I do next?” It covers all you need to help you make and sell profitable beautiful gift baskets for everyone This program has it all to ensure your success.

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