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Glamorous Home Decor

Most homes have a casual style. Casual decor has simple items such as wooden furniture, a center table made of the same material and coffee tables. In casual settings, attention is not paid very much to the decor – just functionality. In formal decor, the homeowner tries to achieve elegance, glamor and class. So you will see engraved or embossed ceilings, leather upholstery with gold rivets or even coffee tables with glass tops. All of these give the room an elegant look.

When it comes to formal home decor, you will first need to assess your room to see if it fits that type of furnishing. For this type of decoration to work well, the room must have big windows, high ceilings and a large fireplace.

You must begin your decorating with the floor. Though less noticed by homeowners, the floor dictates what kind of furnishings you can use as it serves as the base upon which all other items are placed. To achieve superb formal decor, you can have Asian rugs with embroidery, polished wood or multicolored glittering terrazzo floor. For the ceiling, you can hang chandeliers. If you decide to hang wall paintings, they could be scenes of nature. Tall vases with live plants are a good fit for a formal setting. They need to be elegantly designed and in colors that match the walls.

Wood, especially oak and mahogany furniture, is a good fit for a formal style. The darker they are, the more effective they become as elegant furnishings. For the chairs, the arms and the legs can be lathed for a glamorous look. The tables can have engravings, themed after the owner’s interests, occupation or hobby. The fireplace can be antiquated with small collectible objects standing atop.

A formal décor exudes an atmosphere of elegance for the homeowner. It creates an impression of glamor and class.

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