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For many years, the only way to purchase products through a wholesaler was to have an EIN number from the IRS. Without the EIN, craft artisans were forced to buy supplies at retail costs, making it difficult for them to continue with their craft as a way to earn extra income at flea markets, and craft shows. Technology, through the Internet, allows wholesalers to sell directly to the consumer, and eliminating the middleman (retailer), allowing artisans to purchase their supplies at a reasonable cost. Those. who enjoy the art of bead work, whether as a personal hobby or a small business, can now enjoy buying their beads directly from the various wholesalers.

Wholesale letter beads can easily be ordered online. You can purchase these beads in bulk several different ways. One is for those unique beads, such as ones made from sterling silver, which are purchased separately, however, the larger the quantity, the price per letter decreases. Others may sell theirs as a mixed assortment by weight. Most of the online companies will provide the approximate number of beads. For example, a bag of assorted, 7mm plastic beads, weighing 28 grams, yields approximately 200 letter beads for a couple of dollars. The only downside may be that the letters in each bundle are not equal in numbers. You may have 20 of one letter, while 10 of another. The 7mm letter beads are typical of those used for baby ankle bracelets.

Beading is a popular activity for families. The ideas are endless from making holiday decorations, to home decor. Beads can also be used to make beautiful and unique gifts for that someone who has everything. Kids love to add gems, sparkles, as well as beads to their clothing, or for making jewelry, especially friendship jewelry. The wholesale letter beads are no longer those little beads spelling boy or girl for newborns. They are made in 14k gold, sterling silver, pewter, ceramic, as well as plastics and woods.

The ideas for using the wholesale letter beads are endless. The friendship bracelets with a name or initials, along with other beads, and gems, stars, and the like make the perfect gift between childhood friends. Take that new purse you found at a great bargain price, but needs a little something, and add you initials in gold or sterling silver beads. Charm bracelets are gorgeous when made from pewter beads. The large wooden wholesale letter beads are perfect for putting a name on the bedroom door or wall along with other decorative ideas. Wholesale letter beads are great buys, allowing savings to be used for the little bit more pricey beads. The choices available, along with some imagination, enable you to make unique gifts, your own jewelry, as well as providing activities for kids. Your online wholesale merchants often provide tips, ideas, as well as how-to instructions.

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