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Home Decor Innovations Charlotte Nc

If you enjoy being creative, you might be surprised at the unusual and inexpensive projects you can complete with basic office supplies. Color copiers have become less expensive to purchase and operate in recent years. Put your equipment to good use and see what you can make.

Greeting Cards

Color copiers can be ideal for making greeting cards to send to family and friends. Use graphics or personal photos for cards to make unique messages that will convey exactly what you want to say. You could even create personalized holiday cards to send out to people you know both personally and professionally.

Photo to Wood

With some basic materials, transfer a photocopied picture to a piece of wood. You need a piece of unfinished wood, an image on a piece of paper, and photo transfer medium. Apply the photo transfer medium to the wood and the image in a thick layer. Place the image down onto the wood so the back is facing up. Press the paper carefully with your fingers to eliminate all air bubbles and wrinkles. Allow the medium to dry completely.

Next, take a wet sponge and begin moistening and rubbing the paper carefully. As you rub, you will gently remove the paper from the wood to leave the transferred image behind. Continue working until you’ve removed all the paper and just the image remains in the wood.


The art of scrapbooking involves many different types of paper and embellishments. Color copiers can be exceedingly helpful for making innovative and unique scrapbooking projects, as they allow you to print decorative borders and embellishments as well as interesting layouts.

To create a unique scrapbooking layout, place pieces of paper and photos onto the bed of the unit in various shapes and designs. Copy the scraps, trim them, and repeat the process until you have made backgrounds or matting in the size you need for your layout.

Some tiny photos may seem unusable for a scrapbooking project. Instead of throwing them away, scan them into your computer, crop out specific areas you want to feature, and then enlarge them with a photo-editing program before printing them with your color copier.

Children’s Artwork

Kids typically bring home numerous masterpieces from school. You have several options for saving these memories. One simple method of preserving your children’s artwork involves scanning the images on a flatbed unit and printing out color pages. Make sure that you use acid-free paper to help preserve the paper for as long as possible. Once printed, you can assemble a scrapbook of your children’s artwork.

The more you imagine you can do with color copiers, the more ideas you may invent. Always make sure that you follow manufacturer recommendations and guidelines for paper and ink settings to ensure that you get the best results. Using the wrong settings could result in streaking or other printing problems.

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