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Ahh, if you are like me, a child of the 80s, you will remember big hair, skinny jeans and pumps (heels, for those who may not know) in every fashionable colour imaginable! I remember having a pair in pink, aqua, teal and purple. The brilliant colours are etched in my mind and I don’t think I can remember a time since then where the trends have been so fun!

I am very happy to say that those colours that defined the mid 80’s, well, they are back, and they are hotter than ever! According to Pantone, a renowned authority on colour, the number one colour for 2010 is turquoise!

This comes as no surprise as it can be seen popping up everywhere! Although the colours of 2010 may not be known by the same names as they were in the 80’s, they are definitely back!

The colours this summer are being used in fun and creative new ways. Remember the saying “blue and green should not be seen except for in the washing machine!” Well, forget that! There is nothing sharper than soothing turquoise green paired up with a vivid Caymen blue, put them together and watch the colours pop!

A popular décor trend this summer is to use a monochromatic colour palette, a palette made up of the various shades of one colour. Using colours from the same palette creates a feeling of calmness and promotes relaxation. One of the hottest colours this summer to use in a monochromatic colour scheme is blue. Blue is fresh and soothing, it is pure and clean. Blue promotes a feeling of renewed energy. Deep aqua blue in particular, is very popular this year and by combining a deep aqua, with an icy blue, a crisp white and cool grey, you have a palette that is worthy of the cover of any interior design magazine and a space that you want to spend all your time in!

The colours this season are fresh, fun, bold, and dynamic! Cool hues of water and sky, purples, plums and pinks…don’t be afraid to use these colours to update your décor in exciting new ways!

In a tribute to summer, I think I will grab a nice cold drink, my turquoise pumps and relax on the porch to enjoy the lovely summer breeze!

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