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Home Decorators Bar Stools

After a rough day at the office, all you want to do is get a drink at your home bar and sink into one of those bar chairs. But a drink isn’t really enough to make you feel better; you need to have some rest for your aching body as well. This is why you need bar stool cushions to help you relax. Getting the right cushions goes a long way in making you feel good. And not just making you feel good but also helps your home look good! Big and fluffy or sleek and stylish, these cushions reflect your personality and decorate your house perfectly.

The kind of bar stool cushions you should get depends on a lot of factors including the size of your bar table, the height of your cushions, the fabric and shape of the cushions and of course, the look and feel of it. While it may sound like an extremely difficult task to get suitable cushions that match all that you are looking for, the truth is that it’s actually very easy. This is because the variety in every department is astounding so whether you want a square cushion or a round one, with a velvet fabric or a polyester blend, with embroidery or with customized slogans, you can get it all.

You should also carefully consider whether you want fixed cushions or detachable ones. While the detachable ones are easy to remove and clean, the fixed bar stool cushions are more comfortable and don’t move around a lot when you try to sit on them. This will also depend on whether you have an indoor bar or an outdoor bar or even if you plan on moving the stools a lot. An outdoor bar cushion will have a lot more to endure like sunlight, rain and so on. So getting a synthetic material is a good idea because it costs much less and requires very little maintenance.

If you want to add a fashionable and stylish feel to your d├ęcor, getting these cushions in fabrics like velvet and satin is your best bet. Get different types of bead work done to get a funky and youthful look or go sedate with heavy self color patterns. Check out the type of padding you want along with the fabric because that will have a bearing on the price of the bar stool cushions. A tufted cushion in rayon or other synthetic fibers with foam padding costs around $ 10.If more expensive fabrics like velvet are used, they can cost more than $ 15.

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