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Home Office Decorating Ideas Small Spaces

I started a small business last year out of the space bedroom. Once the business started to take off, I realized there was a need to convert the bedroom into a fully functioning office. Because space was limited, it was going to be difficult to create a home office that would suit all of my needs and wants. However, after some careful planning and a little bit of research on office decorating ideas, I was able to create a small home office that helps me achieve all of my style goals and business objectives.

The biggest office decorating challenge was finding space for everything needed to run a business. The best solution was in utilizing vertical space, which is one of the most overlooked aspects of interior decorating. Using a modular shelving system from the Container Store enables me to add or remove shelves as needs change. I installed them along one wall from the floor to the ceiling for maximum storage potential, which is so important in workplace decorating.

Wanting the office to appear clean and professional at all times, I decided to buy storage boxes in one uniform color that match the rest of the room. I put all of my office supplies in the boxes by category and labeled them accordingly. This is one of many office decorating ideas that cuts down on the amount of clutter in the office, which makes it appear larger than it actually is. Also, the labels are an organizational technique to help locate everything needed in one glance.

Not wanting the business to disrupt the flow of the house, the office was designed to complement the existing decor. The goal was to implement home office decorating ideas to personalize the space without making it feel unprofessional. In addition to the computer, fax machine, and printer, sophisticated textures and interesting accent pieces were used that reflected a personal design point of view.

Since so much time is spent in the office, there was a need to make the space feel comfortable and inspired. At the same time, it needed to reflect the mission of the business. Balancing between office decorating ideas that reflect my professional needs and stylistic wants was not easy, but with a little time and effort it was a project that certainly paid off.

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