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Home Theater Decorating Ideas

Home theater decorating ideas can be great as they bring on the Hollywood experience inside your living room. It should not be confused with simplicities like a bin screen television, a rack that is filled with very expensive equipment and comfy seating arrangements where you and your family can sink in. There is more to it than the usual thought out stuff as it gets you closer to experiencing the magic of Hollywood.

To get the magic of Hollywood in your home, you should also do up the furnishing as well as the furniture to blend with the mood. It should appeal to you visually and create an atmosphere that comes as close as to a movie theater as possible. You would need a near total makeover and all home theater decorating ideas should come in handy.

The theme of the room you plan to make with your very own home design idea has to factor in the possibility that you would be crating a virtual real life cinema feeling at home. How would you do it up?

To begin with the wallpaper should be themed Hollywood style with perhaps clippings or portraits of famous movie sequences and some of the greatest stars of the century. Classics are best suited for these themes as every American is conversant with the heady days when home theaters were not in vogue and people either watched movies open air form the comfort of their automobile or sank in plush seats to watch evergreen movies. Movie posters too can heighten the feeling of Hollywood.

Posters from some of the all time great Hollywood movies also lend to crating the atmosphere. Home theater decorating ideas don’t stop at mere wall papers and posters. Seating arrangement s should be plush and comfy to allow the family or guests who drop in form time to time to enjoy the experience in luxury. Furniture should be selected keeping in mind the idea and theme of the room you plan to use as your home theater.

Furnishing and upholstery should be accordingly patterned to make them blend with the mood and experience. Choice of room colors and lighting should be perfect for the perfect Hollywood experience that was the primary idea of home theater decoration.

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