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How To Decorate Home Theater Room

Usually when a consumer purchases a home theater – they only give thought of the three basic components. DVD Player, A/V receiver and Speakers.

But no consideration of the interior decoration affects the capacity to enjoy the movie, or how walls or other decorative features can distract your viewing pleasure.

Get tips from the Experts

Go to you local cinema and see how the professionals do it. Pay attention to how their decoration adds to the viewers attention – nothing is added that would make a distraction.

The experience created by the movie theater is mere than just watching a film; it’s about getting into the film, as though you are actually in the movie itself, as despite the fact that you are sitting in the movie theater you feel as if you are in the car chase.

When you first enter the movie theater actual viewing room you will notice there is very little artificial light if any – in fact there will be no light at all.

Wall scones and some running light can be brightened or dimmed along the sides, once in a blue moon will you notice lights switch on overhead as the movie plays.

Most Cinemas’ intently choose dark colors to enhance your viewing experience, and paint on the wall does not reflect as the fabric’s lines the wall.

Applying textured paints or mattes will keep away potential reflections and having carpets on the floor will eliminate any screen light from reflected.

You will also become aware of the comfortable seating and adding this to your own viewing room is a bonus as you can spread out, put your feet up while watching your favorite show or movies – something you are not supposed to do in a movie theater.


Make your viewing entertainment more enjoyable by adding touches that you can add enhancing your own home theater room.

Just a little bit of time is need to decide the features you want and how by adding them they will work in your viewing room.

The bonus is you will have a space that you and your family really feel comfortable with while watching movies and television shows.

Accomplish this level of comfort – you are likely to be the envy of others!

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