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Christmas is soon approaching, so it is time for you to make plans and preparations for that very special western Christmas. Whether it is your first Christmas or one of many Christmas’ make it a memorable one for friends and family. The following article provides design tips, available resources, and a few western decor products to help you get started creating that one-of-a-kind western Christmas.

For those who are not suave western decor designers, this is a must read article! If you love western decor design and publish articles in glossy magazines, this maybe a yawn for you. We can start with western decor tips. Often people panic at Christmas because of the increased cost of gifts, food, travel, lodging, and all of the other hidden expenses of the holiday. So, if you are on a tight budget, but want to decorate in a big western way, try pulling from your own resources. How about used boots, hats, western ties, spurs, and the list could go on! Now, what would you do with old used cowboy gear? Probably spray a little Lysol in the boots for starters, but don’t clean or very little. Rustic appeal is hot right now, so don’t go overboard with shinning up the ole’ cowboy boots. Take all of your own western items and turn them into decor- centerpieces for the table, stockings for the kids and adults, lariat rope wreaths, spurs for hanging stockings, western tie card holders, cowboy hats on the tree, star garland made from discarded Texas or Wyoming license plates, red hankies for napkins, and the possibilities are endless. Do not be afraid to experiment with fabric, lights, and greenery, they accent the beauty of your decorations and home.

Don’t forget about fresh sprigs of ceder or pine for the front porch or foyer decorations, some can be found at no cost from local farms. If you do not live close to a ranch or farm that has ample supplies, check at your local farmers market or tree stands to purchase your own. Want to add some more flavor to your home other than pine and cedar? What about fresh apple cider or coca brewing when guest come calling, smells create memories! Try serving in the old western styled tin cups- sometimes your local resale or thrift shop will have them available for purchase. Don’t be afraid to scour the used clothing and resale shops for items that may make your western Christmas perfect without tipping the bank.

The best way to decide what kind of western Christmas decor you want to display and use are print and the Internet. You will find a host of magazines for free or to purchase at a reduced cost at your local library. Out dated magazines still have valuable information and a ton of ideas-even if it is only one idea that helps pull your western Christmas theme together, it is well worth looking through the old ones first. Of course current issues of American Cowboy, Cowboys & Indians, True West, and Western Horseman are all magazines that can be purchased at your local shopping venues on a bi-monthly bases. AC and C&I are two of the most popular western magazines, they offer western shoppers a host of ideas, resources, and opportunity to purchase merchandise.

A large percentage of western decor shoppers use the Internet to quickly access western decor ideas, resources, and the opportunity to communicate with other western enthusiast. Some of the best resources for western Christmas ideas are found at Cactus Creek Daily, – a daily blog that provides not only information about western decor, but vintage, mixed with shabby chic. Readers will also have access to western shopping events and new product lines. There are many online western decor resources who offer a full line of western decor- even western Christmas items. Consumers should select online retailers who offer shoppers a place to blog about purchased products, new western decor ideas, and links to other western decor shopping. This Christmas, be sure to check out new cowhide Christmas tree skirts, cowhide Christmas ornaments, cowboy wreaths, assortment of rodeo glass balls, boot stockings, and so much more. Hot trends for this Christmas? Acid wash cowhides and teal blues and brown colors. Whatever you are searching for this Christmas, it is at the tip of your keyboard!

We hope that you not only have a beautiful western Christmas, but take time to enjoy creating a lasting Christmas filled with the smell and feel of a western holiday. If you need more information about western decor products or western decorating be sure to follow one of your favorite western decor blogs, Twitter, or Facebook. Use these communities to connect with other people who love rustic and western Christmas themes. Valuable resources are available at numerous western or country blogs and social media venues. Be sure to keep your collection of western print media handy as well. Even though the year has past, old ideas are always circulating.

Anna Mayberry, owner of H&M Valley Ranch Store. Viewers may find western decor of interest at our online western decor shop [] Need to ask a western decor question? Follow H&M Valley Ranch on our western decor blog, Facebook, or Twitter.

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