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Kitchen Home Decor. Even though small kitchens are a challenge to decorate, storage and display areas are of prime importance. Here are a few home decorating ideas for decorating a small kitchen to make it both beautiful and efficient.

Visually increase a small kitchen’s size with glass cabinet doors. Paint the insides of the cabinets the same color as the walls for a fashionable, well-designed update. Solid-door cabinets work well below the counter and to the ceiling above the eye-level glass-door cabinets.

Another home decorating idea and variation on kitchen storage is to use open shelves over the sink, the cabinets and as much of the wall space as desired. This is especially useful when you enjoy collectibles but are limited on space to display them.

Repetition of shapes plus a variety of textures such as found in baskets is a home decorating idea that adds appeal to any kitchen regardless of size.

Even a small kitchen can accommodate an island provided the area is at least 12 to 15 feet wide. This will provide additional storage as well as work space and will be convenient from anywhere in the kitchen. A chopping block or moveable carts with open shelving are examples of items that provide extra work areas and storage.

Think creatively of every space in a small kitchen such as adding a pot rack, pegs, hooks, or decorative wall-mounted baskets for additional storage. Also, don’t add a lot of non-kitchen décor to the room. If you choose good quality, stylish cookware, utensils and dishes, they will make perfect kitchen decorative items.

Canister sets make great home decorating ideas and are an example of trendy but practical accessories for your kitchen since they can easily become the focus of your kitchen decorating style.
Install new drawer pulls and cabinet door handles for another inexpensive way to update a kitchen.

Since the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house, it is important that the design allows for ease and efficiency. By putting the previously mentioned guidelines to work, you will create a beautiful and practical kitchen regardless of size.

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In the 60s, 70s and 80s it was not uncommon to walk into a kitchen and see yellow walls, green appliances or even pink and blue flowers plastered all over the walls. In today’s modern society, more people tend to lean towards the stainless steel appliances, the wood finish cupboards, the marble tiled floors, and neutral paint colors on the walls. But if you are looking to liven up your kitchen, knowing the right paint colors for kitchens with different styles is not always an easy task. Some kitchen remodel ideas suggest that the best way to add some color to your kitchen to make the most drastic change with the least amount of money spent, is to just simply re-paint or finish the existing cupboards.

You have light pine, or pale ash cupboard doors that have seen some better day, refinishing it with a dark mahoganey color or a cherry wood would not only liven the room up but make it appears as if you just went out and paid a bundle of cash for some new cabinetry. With these types of cabinetry colors, you could then create a nice cream color or off rose colored backsplash or have an opposing wall with a light green or pale burgundy. Adding a textured finish to the walls can also add that special touch. There are many shades of colors to contemplate when debating the best paint colors for kitchens. They can fall into the category of warm or cold colors.

Depending on the feel you would like your kitchen to possess, you want to ensure when looking into home decorating ideas, that you find colors that will not only mesh with your cupboards, but also all your appliances, floors and decor. Colors are used to stimulate emotions when applied in the right way for the right room. If you have a lot of people over for dinner all the time, and want to ensure people are eating well and enjoying themselves, you could try using a red color on your walls, or used in your decor such as the pillows on your chairs, or the curtains on your windows. Red is supposed to stimulate or increase ones appetite.

If you sprinkle red around your kitchen, this will work to subconsciously drive your dinner guests to clean their plates. If you are unsure of the right colors to use when thinking about your kitchen remodel ideas, you can go to the Behrs website and try out their cool tool that allows you to virtually test out colors for your kitchen.

If you would still like to keep you kitchen paint color on the more neutral side, you can add color with a lot of your accessories such as jars, flowers, vases, lamp shades, bar stools,window coverings, rugs, chandeliers,and door knobs. You can even just add a splash of paint to your kitchen by painting the moldings and trim in a nice vibrant coordinating color. There are many more home decorating ideas you can find when you browse through magazines, visit friends and neighbors, or even watch a couple of the popular design shows on TV. Once you have something in mind, if you still are not sure if it would work so well with your kitchen layout, bring a photo in to your local home depot shop and ask a professional their advice. Home Decorating.

And if you are in need of some home decorating ideas we may have just what you are looking for. Once you get there please let me know where to send your Free Guide of home decorating tips that you can use everyday. And if you would like home decorating ideas for your kitchen remodel please visit “The Dime Decorating Diva” for kitchen remodel ideas

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