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Lord Of The Rings Home Decor

As per Jesus words “those who took swords in their hand will face their end only because of the same”. Swords which are considered as a precious one during historical time has now turned into a decorative thing in many homes, offices and ceremony places these days. Many feel that swords are used to symbolize the royalty and reflect their status. It was also a symbol of violence and warfare. The cost of these Lord of the Rings Swords is fluctuating between the ranges 150 dollars to 190 dollars. Though it is little costlier compared to other type they assure you the quality.

Some important varieties of these swords are Auduri- the sword of king Elessa, united cutlery fighting knives of legolas, Frodo’s Sting sword, Glamring The Sword of Arwen, herugrim sword of king Théoden, high Elvin warrior swords, swords of witch ring etc. Auduri was considered to be owned by the king of gondor. In The sides of swords some words in Tolkien languages is written. It signifies the demolition of immortal elves.

The seven stars that found in the blade between the powerful sun and crescent moon also contains many runes written in between. The cut metals symbolize the kingdom of gondor. Sting swords are considered as magical swords. This is the sword which appeared in the lords of rings novel. They say it was prepared in plateau of mount doom.

The handle part is made up of hard steel in the Elvin vine design. The overall length of the sword is in the range of 52 to 53 inches. The blade length is alone 40-5/8, blade thickness is .25 inches. Many sites allow these swords to be purchased via the internet. The sword depot is one such site which places the maximum selling only through the net than the direct purchase orders .though the appearance of all entire swords look similar they possess some unique features. Some has leather parts for extra ordinary grips and some are coated with metals. Most of them prefer golden and silver coating than the usual wood work.

Cost may varies from place to place, international shipping is not achieved cent percent. But the transportation between European, American is quite good when compared with others. Most of the swords are made up of stainless steel than iron because iron gets rusted very easily in the presence of high moisture content. The cost of the Lord of the Rings Swords is very cheap so that every one can afford it.

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