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Mirror Decals Home Decor

Actually, there are many places where you can find cheap home decor – online stores, thrift and dollar stores, garage sales and flea markets… And now, guess where you can get not only cheap home decor, but find it even free of charge? Nothing comes to mind? What about your own home, where you store dozens of unneeded items? They can become great objects for your home decoration! How? There are only three secrets for achieving the look of luxury home decor without spending a lot of money on it:

  • Pick the right decorative items that perfectly match your specific interior and your needs
  • “Adjust them” if you need it (i.e. decorate them, arrange them with other home decor, etc.)
  • Put them in the right place in your home

How about a park near your home? There, you can pick so many things and transform them into beautiful home decor: pinecones, flowers, leaves, grass, small tree branches. Pick some, bring them home, and add them to your existing home decor. You can arrange them together with candles, dry flowers, or colored stones. You can fill a simple glass jar or bottle with small dry flowers or pinecones and use them as a kitchen or bathroom decor.

Here are some examples of really cheap home decor:

  • Old items with a new look: Rearrange furniture in your rooms so that you can renew your home’s appearance.
  • Bring a garden’s freshness to your home: Find a place in your interior for a flowerpot with a green plant or for a vase with an arrangement of dry flowers and grasses.
  • Change the colors-paint your walls: For a more interesting look you can use different colors for different walls. You can also put wallpaper on only some walls.
  • Refresh your old cabinets: You can either paint them or decorate with adhesive drawer liner. You can also add interesting, decorative cabinet knobs instead of your old ones.
  • Renew your chairs and sofa with new slipcovers: You can find many discounted slipcovers in home d├ęcor stores and online. Or, instead of a new slipcover, you can decorate your sofa with some colored cushions or with a decorative throw.
  • Add a touch of color to your home interior: Decorative ceramic accessories such as vases, framed tiles, or ceramic wall clocks will enliven your interior.
  • Don’t forget about wall decal: It’s a quick way to decorate a large space, a kid’s room, or to hide any defects on the wall or a crack on your mirror’s surface.

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