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Pink And Black Home Decor

For a wedding theme of predominately black and pink with a touch of silver here are some ideas to consider. For a cheap way to brighten any reception room use balloons. Have bunches of pink and black balloons with silver string. Put about 4 bunches of 4 balloons at the entrance of where you walk into the reception room.

Put a tall standing floor bunch on either side of the bridal table. Put 5 bunches of the standing floor balloons scattered in the corners of the room and also put a small floor bunch at either side of the bar area. Scatter pink rose petals around the front of the cake table and put a small bunch of your wedding flowers at the front of the table. Have a gift table where you put the wishing well on or the gifts and put the guest book there.

Put the gift table at the front on the entrance so people sign it on the way into the reception. The gift table had a white tablecloth with pink scattered rose petals around the edge and also put a couple of tea light candles on this as well. Behind the bridal table put a big white drop sheet as the background with fairy lights. Have chair covers that are white with a black bow on them. The table themselves have the white tablecloth, the standard cutlery, wine glasses & white linen napkins. Put the napkin in between the cutlery (where the plate would sit) and under that make up a pink laminated card that thanks your guests and also have a beautiful poem on it that the guests can take home.

Above the napkin and pink card put a silver heart chocolate next to the place cards. For the table centerpieces have a black candelabra with white candles and wrap some of your wedding flowers around the stem of the candelabra. At the bottom of the candelabra put a wreath of your wedding flowers again. Under the candelabra consider having white & silver disposable cameras. Around the outside of the centerpieces scatter pink rose petals.

Lastly, for the bridal table have the same layout minus the candelabras but instead have tea light candles beside a big bunch of your wedding flowers.

Melissa Hills has planned her own dream wedding and helped numerous family members and close friends plan their own weddings with great success.

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