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Pink And Green Home Decor

Comforters are the top part of a bedding set. A comforter is usually the thickest blanket on a bed. However, that really depends on personal comfort levels and times of the year.

Some people like their bedroom and bedroom decor to match, which would, of course include the comforter and complete bedding set. However, just because bedding ensemble colors are not the same, this does not mean they do not look good together. Bedding comforters can ether blend in or stand out to give your bed room d├ęcor just the right look and feel.

Today’s market provides a wide range of colors and styles of bedding comforters for you to choose from to meet your home decorating and interior design needs. Today’s comforter styles and colors for your bed are not made to just to match your sheets and pillows but also may match your curtains and even the style of your bed, no matter if the bed is made of wood or metal materials. The darker the color of the bed the deeper and brighter the comforter colors should be. For example, pine green or mocha colors look great on darker wood. Red or white bedding comforters looks good on black wood or dark metal beds. Lime green, pink, or white is going to look good on a gold, white metal and light colored wood beds. However, my examples given here will depend on your own personal opinions, taste and decorating ideas.

Bedding comforters can be for any size bed. I am providing a size chart for you – all sizes are given in inches: 
Standard Twin Size: 68″ x 86″

Extra Long Twin Size: 68″ x 90″

Standard Full or Double Sizes: 78″ x 86″ – including 86″ x 86″

Queen Size: 86″ x 86″ including 86″ x 94″

California or Western King Size: 102″ x 86″ including 102″ x 94″

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