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Pink Flamingo Home Decor

Pink lawn flamingos and other lawn and garden ornaments can be the difference between an ordinary house and a very special home. As funny as it sounds, the pink birds can have a special place in the outdoor landscape of your home. Outdoor lawn ornaments are not the only item that can make or break the look of an outdoor garden. Rather, it is one of many things that add to the whole atmosphere and decor of your yard.

Creating an enjoyable backyard can be as complex as removing everything and rebuilding, or as subtle as the simple placement of a hammock or special garden art throughout the space.

First and foremost, you must identify what your outdoor needs are and start from there. Do you want a simple retreat for yourself? Or do you need space for a family to play games and eat outside? Do you need a covered patio? Do you want water features? A tropical look?

Once you have identified how the space will be used by your family, removal of the unwanted hardscape or landscape can begin. It’s important to stick to your original plan so that the project does not grow too large, too expensive or exceed your time line.

Once the old hardscape and landscape are removed, it’s time to install the new hardscape, whether it be a cement patio, a garden path, a slate or brick patio or mow strips.

Once the hardscape is complete, the fun begins, which usually includes a trip to the nursery or garden supply shop to pick the plants you will place in your garden. In order for your plants to thrive it’s very important to place them in the proper place in your yard. Before your trip to the nursery, take a walk around your yard and note the shady and sunny spots and pick plants according to their sun and water needs, and how big you can expect them to get when mature. And remember, if you expect plants to last year-round, you must take into account that the sunny and shady areas of your yard change with the seasons. Make a list of how many shade plants and how many sun-loving plants you’ll need. I always like to leave small spaces for annuals since they usually supply the most vibrant color to your garden.

You also must decide whether your plants will be on a drip system or all-encompassing sprinklers. Drip systems are a great way to cut down on water usage which is important these days, and using a drip system also cuts down on weeds. I usually use these most of all except for the small spaces where I plant annuals bunched together.

Once the plants are placed in your garden, it’s time to add the personal touches that add interest to your garden. This is the time to place your bird baths, garden statues, hummingbird feeders and other garden treasures that transform the area and give it a personal touch.

The best part about having a space that was designed and built by yourself is that it is a reflection of you and the things that make you comfortable. A garden is also something that gets better with time. The flowers and foliage will grow and mature and more treasures will be added to your garden. There may even be that perfect spot for a pair of plastic pink flamingos.

Travis and Diane Medley own and operate and write articles concerning the products they sell. Skelemingos are great for Halloween or milestone birthday parties and plastic flamingos make wonderful gifts for yourself or your garden. The Pink Flamingo Site is located in sunny Palm Springs, California and ships product daily.

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