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Rustic Star Decorations For Home

Rustic Star Decorations For Home. Night lights for your home or cabin are not just for lighting your way they can be an inexpensive addition to your rustic cabin decorating theme as well. Available in many animals like pheasants, cougars, bears and even squirrel night light designs. There is sure to be the perfect critter for your choosing to match or coordinate with your rustic theme and add that finishing touch.

While choosing your wildlife light keep a few things in mind besides just design. Your new night light will be lighting your hallway and stairs for you and for your guests of all ages to safely find the restroom and fridge for a midnight snack. Keep in mind that older guest as well as the younger may not be familiar with their surroundings and need a little help with lighting. So choose one that is U.L. approved with a bulb wattage of 4 watts. This will be cost effective to use with low wattage. And they have a clear, clean light for easier vision.

Another aspect of your night lights qualities is their use during your absence. Try using one instead of a light timer or asking a neighbor to turn your lights on at night and then off again during the day. It is just enough to have a soft glow in the window making your cabin look occupied instead of vacant for short periods of time.

Did you know some H.O.A.’s in rural, forest and mountain communities have restrictions to outdoor lighting? They keep lights to a minimum as to not pollute the night sky for observation of stars and such. A night light on the porch of your cabin or mountain home will add the safety you need in the dark to find the stairs and walkway without causing HOA notices and disturbing the night sky for other community members with bright light pollution.

Night lights are not just an attractive addition to your cabin decorating they have some very important qualities. They light your way in the night, they add ambience to your evening and they safely help keep your vacant cabin looked occupied in your absence. Keep in mind they are soft, cost effective lighting as to not disturb your enjoyment of the evening sky as well. Inexpensive, attractive designs to go with your decor and an addition to your safe environment make these a must for every home and cabin.

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