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Safari Style Home Decor

Have you always wanted your rooms to look exciting? Then Safari style decorating might be the answer. The mystery and allure of safaris became popular in the early 1900’s when former President Teddy Roosevelt went on an African Safari. Since that time, homeowners have been decorating their homes with electrifying safari style décor.

The main attributes of safari design are natural, organic materials combined with bold colors and patterns. There are many interior decorating ideas that are available if you want to decorate your bedroom in the Safari style. Yes, animal prints are never out of fashion for decorating small rooms and spaces. There are many things that relate to wildlife that can be used in your home to make your house look grand and exciting. This is even more appropriate if this is a beach house or a vacation home. Animal prints and show pieces can most definitely turn your home into a royal retreat.

One of the most attractive aspects of this design theme is the use of earth tones and animal colors which give a natural touch to a room. With this style of decor, you will need your lighting to be animal, natural or plant themed. You will find a wide selection of choices on the market.

You will find a good variety of suitable rugs that go well with the Safari decorating theme that can be found in animal prints or shapes and colored like animal skin. Natural sisal mats are an excellent choice for this style of decorating for a less busy look on the floors.

There are many decorative pieces that you can choose to emphasize the Safari decorating scheme. Animal figurines as well as pillows that are covered in animal print fabrics along with house plants call attention to the theme of the room. A blanket or throw made of synthetic animal skin print would be absolutely eye-catching with the whole Safari theme of the bedroom. Synthetic fur is soft and comfortable and will result in a good night’s sleep.

Fake animal decorative pieces are found in most interior design shops. These designs and prints are said to never go out of fashion when used in the proper setting. Animal prints are very popular with kids but be advised not to keep anything in their room that might frighten them in case they wake up and get scared.

There are many companies that make fake fur and even animal heads that look real. You can get Safari home decorating ideas by walking into one of these shops and taking a look around. They can also be easily purchased online.

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