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Shamrock Decorations Home

Whether you are planning to throw the wildest St. Patrick’s Day bash in history, or if you simply look forward to the holiday as one of the many heralds of Spring, decorating for St. Patrick’s day can be a fun way to break out of Winter’s grip. Fun party favors like green and gold beads, chocolate wrapped coins, and of course green beer, can make any party complete.

Classic shamrock decorations can be even further embellished with paper images of leprechauns, rainbows and pots of gold. Bright green shamrocks with green and white crepe paper strung between them are a simple way to decorate, and they are easy to clean up after the party is over. Party decorations are a temporary solution – many people want to enjoy the festive, happy feeling that accompanies St. Patrick’s Day longer than a single evening.

Often, people find that late Winter and early Spring are dreary times – decorating for St. Patrick’s day while bringing a bit of spring greenery into your home is a good way to beat those blues.

Accessories in various shades of green can freshen even the darkest room. Pairing a green rug with pillows that incorporate shades of green and other bright colors, and maybe even a potted shamrock plant or two is one example of a tasteful way to keep lively color and an energetic feeling in your living room or den without leaving dime store decorations up for a month. This is a great look that can take you all through spring, and into summer.

Green is a wonderful color to use in the bathroom, as well. Try a green rug or two on the floor, and incorporate that shade with other lighter shades of blue and green throughout the bathroom. Place a potted shamrock in the window (use a hanging basket if you like) and you’ve created a whole new room with very little effort.

Bring fresh spring fragrances into your home as well. Lively scents like mint and citrus have the ability to lift dampened spirits. Scented candles are a wonderful way to add just the right amount of scent, and seasonally appropriate candle holders are a subtly delightful way to accentuate any room in your home. It takes just a little imagination and not much luck at all to bring a touch of Irish class home.

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