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Take it from someone who has experience in home party decorating-this is not as complicated or difficult as it sounds. In fact, home party decorating can be done in three easy steps!

First, decide on the specific theme. This is not the same as “Halloween Party” or “Christmas Party.” For instance, I recently held a Halloween party which seems simple enough to decorate. However, for the home party décor I wanted to use a very adult theme. I chose a “spooky” approach in most areas, which involved dim lighting and dark purple and green and orange colors. However, I could have chosen a “traditional” approach and used black and orange colors only.

Next, decide on the main colors and focus points. In my case, the main colors were black, orange, dark green and dark purple. My focus points were dancing, drinking, birthday cake, autumn fruit, and skulls. This doesn’t have to be so complicated for your party. In fact, the less the items them simpler when it comes to home party decorating. Pick a few things that you really like, preferably larger items, and make it a focus point by placing accessory items around it. The focus point can be food to eat, food to look at, a statue, a candle-just as long as you like it. For a birthday party, a cake would be an obvious focal point. However, you may not want the person to see the cake yet so you could choose a big present that you wrapped to be the focal point of the gifts table, or you could choose a piñata that will be part of a game later and use it for decoration at first. If you just really like a focal point that is smaller, place it on something that will make it be taller than the rest of the accessory items.As for colors, most holidays come with traditional colors but you can vary those. The example of using dark green and purple rather than just black an orange for my Halloween party is one way, or instead of red and green for Christmas parties you could have a white and light blue winter theme. For kids birthday parties, I like to use the kids favorite colors, or just multiple bright colors when decorating for the home party.

Once you have this decided, it is time to decorate-or, as I like to think of it, accessorize. This step in home party decorating includes planning where your focal pieces will go, and makeing sure the surrounding accessory items contrast with it so that it is noticed. If you have a tablecloth, choose light blue instead of white for the snowman centerpiece. If it is a large snowman, surround it with smaller white candles and white snowflake confetti-all which contrast to the tablecloth in color, but contrast with the snowman in theme. Supporting items can include candles, pictures, food, confetti, fabric, and more. Some of my favorites are candles, confetti, and fabric because they are inexpensive and can all be re-used for other types of parties. For instance, I just found a way to use a piece of blue fabric from a spring party in a autumn display I placed on our table here at home-in fact, the autumn fruit I had leftover from the Halloween party discussed earlier! The final part of accessorizing includes the little finishing touches which accessorize not just your focus point, but your entire area of the focus point. This may be banners, balloons, streamers, crepe paper, or whatever you can find to continue the theme from one focus point to the next. If you have a big gifts table for a birthday party in the living room and a big cake table in the kitchen, you may want streamers and balloons in the doorway to continue the party from one room to the next.

As you can see, home party decorating is very simple to do. Decide the specific theme, pick your main colors and focus points, and set the accessories to match the focus points. This will create an amazing, coordinated party that looks expensive and time consuming, but really was just fun to create. I hope you enjoy home party decorating for your next event!

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