Great Gatsby Home Decor

When it comes to planning a wedding, everyone wants theirs to be unique from the rest. There are several ways to go about this, but one way is to stay abreast of fun reception trends. Chances are better that you’ll be the first to use it for your wedding.

Social media websites often have ideas and tips for wedding invitations, décor, dresses and festivities on your special day. However, why spend hours browsing when you can learn some ideas right here? Check out the following themes and see if one speaks to your desires for that special day.

Western Theme

If you love all things country and western, this theme has a ton of options. Wedding invitations can be scroll style with a wax seal, or feature dried flowers and burlap. Members of the wedding party can wear boots and cowboy hats, to include the bride and her maids!

Decorations can be rustic, including candles, lanterns, and even checkered tablecloths dressed up with bows. Barns and picnic shelters are great spots for a western wedding, and outdoors is a must.

For a special touch, the bride can arrive in a horse-drawn wagon. Quaint and with an element of having a “good-old-time” your guests will have a spectacular time.

British Invasion

You should be thinking more Downton Abbey and less Austin Powers for this one. This theme will create a romantic atmosphere for you and your betrothed and the guests will enjoy your special day.

Choose wedding invitations that remind you of afternoon tea, delicate and perhaps laser cut. Think simply with uncovered tables, or choose to add lace tablecloths. Bride and her party will wear gloves of course, and perhaps vintage hats or pins. Gardens are lovely for both the wedding and reception, or maybe a castle if you’d like to go all out.

Glitz and Glamour

Much to the delight of “girly” girls everywhere, glamourous and sparkle-filled weddings are going to be a huge trend in the coming year. Spare no expense on the wedding invitations which should be adorned with glitzy details, even handmade.

Guests will feel like they’ve stepped into Gatsby’s party! Your reception should have champagne everywhere and end with fireworks. Some great ideas are a photo booth with glamourous attire to dress up in, a live band rather than a DJ, and décor draped in crystals, tulle, and glittery details. Balloons in silver and white can add to the celebratory feel. For flowers, stick with mostly white.

Theatrical Themed

To add an air of fantasy and fun, make your wedding a theatrical one. This is where you “go big or go home.” Wedding invitations can create a stir for potential guests by stating something like, “Come one come all to the greatest wedding on earth!”

Bring in acrobatics and jugglers to perform for guests while they dine. Choose fun foods, and decorations that have a whimsical feel. Hoops, colorful flowers, and banquet style dining compliment this trend.

Don’t think that using a carnival or theater theme will ruin the romance, with the right details you can create an atmosphere where anything can happen, and magic is in the air.

In all honesty, the sky is the limit when it comes to your special day. However, when you carry a theme from the wedding invitations all the way through the reception it creates a fun and memorable experience not just for the happy couple, but for everyone who joins in this special day.

Have fun looking back on the photos and appreciate the effort and care put into the details, after all, this day only comes once!

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