Peter Pan Home Decor

Imagination is the key when creating themes for decor in a boy’s bedroom. Themes that inspire a boy to see himself as a sports hero, an artist, or the champion of a fable or fantasy give hours of fun and learning.

Eye on the Ball: Home decorators will hardly ever go wrong choosing a sports theme for a boy’s room. Anything with a ball in it is likely to draw a little guy’s interest. Plus, the spherical shape of most balls lends itself nicely to colorful area rugs that give a room focus. If your son has a favorite team, so much the better; you can paint the room in team colors. Furniture, wallpaper and fabrics in sports themes are readily available, and you can finish off the room with accessories of the sport’s equipment.

Rainbow Bright: Perhaps your son shows artistic tendencies, or maybe he just likes bright colors. Go for the gold (and blue and green and …) by using bright colors everywhere. If the room has wall-to-wall carpeting, start by choosing a wildly colorful area rug, and take your color cues from that. Paint each shelf of a bookcase a different color corresponding to the color theme. Color up the bedroom furniture in the same way. Remember, paint is the most inexpensive way to design a room, so don’t be shy about using it lavishly.

Yo-Ho, Yo-Ho: Thrilling pirate tales have been delighting little boys for generations, from “Treasure Island” to “Peter Pan” to “Pirates of the Caribbean.” A pirate theme provides a basic color scheme in ocean blues. Add sailing ships and netting, and paint a porthole or two on the walls. Set out treasure boxes of all sizes, from a big trunk to use as a toy box to smaller treasure boxes for small toys, crayons and other collections. Be sure to make a couple of secret hideaways for your little pirate to store his treasures.

A Knight’s Tale: Parents with a gift for art can turn their son’s bedroom into a storybook castle. Paint castle walls with flying pennants on the walls, and top with a blue sky on the ceiling. The tale of King Arthur and his Knights of the Roundtable will provide plenty of inspiration for this theme. You can even set up your little prince with curtains around his bed, just like your little princess.

Do the Locomotion: Grown-ups think of them as merely transportation, but youngsters see trains (and planes and automobiles) as the purveyors of wonder. You can choose a single theme or combine them for an overall transportation look. Most of these designs use bright primary colors, especially for traffic signals and railroad crossings. Some kind of transportation border around the walls works well. Beds shaped like cars, planes and trains are all available.

Ride ’em, Cowboy: The Wild West is a never-fail theme for a little boy’s room, but do try to leave out the six-guns. Instead make his curtains or valances from red and blue bandannas. Look for Western-themed wallpaper or borders with cowboy hats, horses and ropes. A bedside lamp in a boot base is a wonderful touch, and he’ll be snug as a ranch hand in his bunk if his very own broomstick horse peeks over the foot board at bedtime.

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