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Waterfall Home Decor

Waterfall Home Decor. Adding a fountain to your home decor is an easy way to make any room in your house more inviting and original. Whether you are considering a small tabletop fountain to accent your overall scheme or a large floor fountain to build your whole concept around, water fountains offer many options and are great choices.

Figuring out how to fit a fountain into your decorating can be daunting at first, but here are five ways you can do it with confidence.

No Floor Space? Try a Wall Fountain

Consider installing a wall mounted fountain in an area of wasted space. There are often corners or nooks in a room where furniture just doesn’t fit right. A piece that doesn’t require floor space is ideal here, such as a water feature that can mount on the wall. These types of water fountains add nice depth and dimension to your room and have an appealing sculptural quality. Perhaps choose a design reminiscent of one you have seen in your travels to bring some spice home with you.

Table Top Fountains: Small Size, Big Impact

You might liven up your home office with a tabletop fountain. Available in any number of themes, a small fountain brings the relaxation of water to a work area. In those tense moments trying to get things done, hearing and seeing something natural can be both stimulating and rejuvenating. Small table fountains require no installation and can be a quick way to add a personal touch. No matter what your home office is used for, a tabletop fountain improves the look and tenor of the space.

Floor Fountains as Centerpieces

Another idea is to use a floor fountain as the centerpiece of your living room. Everyone wants their home to reflect their personality. What better way to tell people that you are modern, tasteful, and creative than with a soothing fountain to welcome guests to your home? So much home decorating is plain, boring and cookie cutter, but cascading water makes a unique statement in your home-one of sophistication and class. Moving water is an instant attention grabber too, and people of all ages are entranced watching the cycle of water cascading down the face, only to begin its journey again. Available materials include metal, stone, fiberglass and more, depending on the style you choose.

Waterfall Fountains Bring Serenity to the Bedroom

Placing a waterfall fountain in a bedroom for a soothing accent is ideal for the end of your day. Water is the very essence of life; as such it has an amazing ability to ground us and eliminate the buzz of busy modern life. Just like a walk along a stream in the woods brings us back to what is important, so the sounds of cascading water can restore you to your best self. A calming bedroom where you can go to escape from the rest of the world is essential to being your best self-any size waterfall fountain can work to achieve this outcome.

Kitchens and Dining Rooms are Natural Fountain Locations

The kitchen is the center of many homes, a hub of activity. Why not include a stone wall fountain in your kitchen or dining room to spice things up? Flowing water can also counteract the variety of scents that always come up in a kitchen, whether from cooking or cleaning since moving water is a natural air purifier. A fountain also can coordinate with your color scheme in a fun way. If counter space is an issue, a wall-mounted fountain brings a classic feel into a kitchen reminiscent of Greek or Italian estates. Metal and stone fountains are especially suited to a kitchen with their ease of cleaning.

These are just a few ideas for using indoor wall fountains in your home decorating. There are many opportunities and vast shapes, styles and types of indoor fountains available to suit any home decor, space and budget.

Decorating With A Balance Between The Modern And Traditional

When looking for unique niche items to add to your home decor it’s fun to look to the latest trends. You need to be careful with niche items because what seems popular and appealing at one point can quickly go out of fashion and look weird or out of style later on. One of the best things you can do when decorating your home with trendy items is to stay with the tried and true, but with a new form and twist that makes the accent look popular and exciting in a new light. A good example of this technique is using natural materials in a new way with an indoor water wall. These items are works of art that come in a variety of materials, shapes and colors that will blend in well with almost any structure. In fact, the colors, materials and other options available are made to reflect both modern and traditional building styles to appeal to decorators and people placing them in already existing homes.

What’s A Water Wall?

Water has been used for a long time as a home decor item. In the past we have seen garden fountains and waterfalls used in outdoor sitting areas and near walking paths. One of the most popular ways of currently using water indoors is with water walls. How these work is that a flat backdrop is constructed, usually of a natural material like slate, stone or glass, which the liquid can cascade over. A frame, most often made of a durable metal such as copper, stainless steel or galvanized steel painted in a variety of colors with a baked on waterproof finish. The integral plumbing and lighting components are built into these frames which form the muscle and operating mechanisms of the wall water fountain.

Water Walls As Consumer Items

Modern water walls have developed into a fairly sought after consumer item. So this means they are made for direct purchase by the public consumer and ready to be installed quickly and with a minimum of assembly and know-how. In the past specialty items like this would need to be hard wired requiring electrical expertise or installed by professional contractors. With water wall kits these days the units even come with pull chains under the hood which will enable the user to switch the lights and water on and off independently so the water can run without the lights and vice versa. Another popular upgrade is LED light bulbs which can change throughout the color spectrum and also have the capability to be operated by remote control which is very handy if your waterfall is mounted high up on the wall where it may be difficult to reach the upper hood. Another indication that the modern wall fountain is consumer friendly is the new trend towards lightweight of featherstone slate with all the texture and look of natural materials but with an artificial backing that enables people to lift them quite easily which takes much of the trepidation about hanging it on a residential wall out of the equation because it feels more like hanging a picture and not a large stone slab which may fall of the wall (even though they are bolted into wall support studs which are quite sturdy).

So don’t let the installation or weight of a water wall prevent you from enjoying a unique and modern fountain in your living room, den or office.

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